Old Faithful…


Project 365 Photos: #63

It’s Spring Break for BC students and today we paid another visit to our favourite spot in Vancouver–Gastown. It was buzzing full of Friday shoppers and people escaping their offices for fresh air and lunch. I discovered my new retail crush–Old Faithful Shop. I was drooling over the pure wool Hudson’s Bay blankets and the bare element lightbulbs and fixtures. I even love the company mascot asleep in his cubby. I’ll definitely go back soon. Gotta love my iPhone, especially when I don’t want to carry my DSLR around all day.


powder day…


Powder Day at Mt. Baker

Project 365 Photos: #37

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, there’s nothing as fun as a PERFECT day skiing with the kids. It snowed buckets all week long, and the sun came out this morning, just in time for all of us to spend the day skiing…heaven!!!

hello, inka…


hello inka


Project 365 Photos: #33

With a 13-year-old girl, you never know what you’re going to get:”I love skiing.”; “I hate skiing.”; “I’m hungry.”; “I’m bored.”…you just never know. So in the interest of keeping the peace while we visited Whistler, my daughter and I spent A LOT of time shopping. And when I say shopping, I mean shopping at Lush, ’cause my girl is addicted to scents and beauty products. It could be worse (unless you’re my husband, who can’t stand perfume).

One of the best things about Whistler is the vibe. It’s full of young adults from around the world, who come to work, ski and party! The staff at Lush were awesome–so friendly. Inka (pretty German name, eh?) was a good sport posing for a blog shot. High five, Inka!

hairy couch potato…


hairy couch potato

Project Photo 365: #20

(Wow! Who knew I could keep a New Year’s resolution going this long?)

Ever since Vice President Dan Quayle mistakenly corrected a student’s spelling of potato, I have had to look it up in a dictionary every time I spell it!!! Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, but I feel compelled to put an ‘e’ on the end too. Duh.a

blue cheeks…er…peaks…


chilly peaks

Project Photo 365: photo # 352

I made the mistake of going straight from the sweaty gym to the frigid beach yesterday, and I paid for it. After I filled my camera, I high-tailed it home for some hot soup in front of the fireplace!

This shot is looking north-east from Crescent Beach to the majestic Coastal Mountain Range, which was blanketed in fresh snow. Breathtaking!

Have a very Etsy Christmas…

I’m a Christmas junky, and proud of it! I’ve been pouring over the magical Christmas kingdom of Etsyland this morning, and I want to share my findings! (Someone really should confiscate my computer) I’m blown away by all the Christmas goodness out there…

I just adore this crocheted-star garland from Namolio



Who can resist a vintage stamp with their name on it for stamping gift cards? Not me…so I ordered it from ISpyVintage



These mini branch pencil crayons by INKKIT are just flat-out COOL.



If I had my act together, I’d wrap gifts in kraft paper and ribbon with these exquisite gift tags by Indelible Impressions



I’m a sucker for anything blue and turquoise and vintage and glass and Christmas ball, like these mercury glass ornaments from Bohemian Lil.


Granville Island Afterthought…

My Friday fieldtrip included a bit of an afterthought visit to Vancouver’s wonderful Granville Island. It’s a place that always makes me happy. It’s buzzing with creativity, colour, smells, sounds…what’s not to love?! If all else fails, you can always rely on a good time here.

Doesn’t hurt that I can ALWAYS find a new shot at the Island. These peonies were tightly closed when we first got there. By the time we finished lunch and walked back through the market, they were all gloriously open!

The lighting sucks in the market, and it’s not a place conducive to pulling out a tripod, so I didn’t know what the heck I was going to get with this shot. I was delighted when I cranked up the exposure in Photoshop! Makes me want to paint a picture!

I’m always hungry when I walk through the market…even right after I’ve eaten cornmeal crusted oysters washed down with a vodka martini!!!!

Love this craggy old guy!

This is where we ended up, of course. Doesn’t every fieldtrip?

Vancouver’s Chinatown Bound…

I played hooky from all my responsibilities on Friday and headed to Vancouver’s vibrant Chinatown district with my good pal, Sarah, of Diary of a House Elf. What an absolute pleasure it is to sling my camera over my neck and start snapping shots–I really don’t do it enough. Chinatown is full of visual–and nasal–stimulation!!! It’s a gritty area with extreme poverty bumped up against extraordinary beauty. The people are so friendly and curious, and Sarah observed the irony that the bustling streets are more of a “neighbourhood” than our quiet suburban village.

Vancouver's Chinatown District

The lighting was really perfect for taking outdoor shots…Vancouver grey! It was also a perfect opportunity put my new telephoto lens to the test.

Vancouver's Chinatown District

Scout about it…

I’m a huge fan of Birch & Bird and the vintage handmade markets they hold every few months. My gal pals, Kim & Ann, joined me for the preview event for Scout Market last night in Abbotsford, BC. It was a love fest for all things vintage and fabulous. We nibbled on delicious cheese and cupcakes, sipped lovely wine and coveted EVERYTHING we saw. The market is running all day today. If you get a chance to drop in, I’d highly recommend it!

summer dreams…

Are you dreaming of long summer days? I sure am.

I just entered a contest that asked what my plans for the summer are. This is what I wrote…

Lying in the grass with my girl watching clouds float by. Skimboarding at the beach with my boy. Drinking wine with my husband. Making jam, with my dogs at my heels waiting for drips. Hanging blankets outside to air out. Painting my nails hot pink. Playing loud music with the windows open. Loving fresh air. Loving life………..

What are you dreaming about doing this summer? It’ll be here before you know it.

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