cold to the bone…


Is it just me, or has the universe put the pedal to the metal? Is time accelerating? How can it be that there are now three weeks between me and the glorious California sunshine at the end of August???? I’m sitting on my couch at 9 a.m., wrapped in a blanket to fight off the cold, damp feeling that has seeped into our home.

As if Halloween candies in the stores the first week of September wasn’t bad enough, Now, to add insult to injury, people are starting to post the dreaded, “93 sleeps until Christmas” reminders. I feel like shaking my fists at the universe. Noooooooooooooo!!!!

icy eternity…


When the leaves are all gone, and my town turns into a depressing 50 shades of grey photo, I get desperate for saturated colors that remind me of warm places, like Hawaii or the Bahamas. Today, it was bitterly cold at a biting one degree celsius (a wear-your-snow-suit-to-school kinda day for BC’s south coast…a laughably balmy kinda day for anywhere east of the suburbs). So I was delighted when I dropped by my favorite spot on the peninsula, to watch the winter show that Mother Nature puts on most afternoons. I was tempted to Photoshop a massive shark jumping out of the water…still might. My son is somewhere over there studying his brains out (or crying in the university pub) for his Christmas final exams at the University of Victoria.

just stop already…


I know what she’s thinking…

The other day I received an invitation to be interviewed for an awesome blog called Coffee With A Canine. I agreed wholeheartedly. I thought to myself, “I got this. I’ll blow them away with my stunning shots. I’m a pretty decent photographer after all.” So this morning, I started taking pictures with two of the worst models I have ever worked with….Daisy and her evil minion, Stella!

Both scoundrels copped an attitude and shunned the camera. I cajoled, used treats, spoke sweetly, got down on their level, crawled on all fours, scratched behind ears made whistling noises…NOTHING. I have NEVER come across anyone less interested in having their pictures taken.

I swear….they do it on purpose. Is it payback for not taking them out for a walk in the torrential downpour yesterday? Probably. They’re like that.

Daisy’s eyes say it all…

fall in love…


Fall In Love

Project 365 Photos: #50

Hello friends!

You know what I’ll never fall in love with? TAXES!!!! You haven’t seen any posts from me for a little while, ’cause I kinda lost my photo mojo for a few days, and it’s all because it’s tax time. The past week was a blur of invoices, receipts, spreadsheets, hair pulling, and teeth gnashing! The only good thing to come out of the whole ordeal is that the office, which I haven’t been able to climb into for the past year, is now spotless. Yay me. You should see my recycling bins.

I can’t get enough of Gastown in Vancouver, so my bestie Sarah (Diary of a House Elf) and I headed into town for a photography fieldtrip. We always have a good time together, and today was a treat! Thanks for coming with me, Sarah!

Photo 356…


India Ink


Project 365:

Do you remember blowing India ink with a straw to make pictures of trees in grade school? This is my special “go-to” tree at Crescent Beach, and at this time of the year, denuded of all foliage, it brings to mind my childhood art projects. I’ve been thinking about doing some India ink art work on top of water coloured paper for some time now. Perhaps the universe is sending me a cosmic reminder me to pull out my art supplies!

Pretty Little Birds

I haven’t always had the easiest relationship with my father (even at 48, I’m still an argumentative teenager when I’m around him), but a year ago, birds helped bring us closer. He’s a nature lover through and through, with a particularly big soft spot for the menagerie of birds that visit his well-stocked backyard feeders. He tends to all those little chickadees and finches with the same love and devotion you’d see at a Kindergarten Christmas pageant. He even set up a bat house for the dreaded black menace (ick).

Northern Flicker woodpecker (photo by Myles Green via Flickr

I was touched by his connection to the birds and decided it might be something we could share in common. So I hung a bird feeder in my own yard and waited. And waited. Nothing.

I asked my dad what on earth I was doing wrong? Didn’t I have the most expensive super food? Was the feeder in the right spot for safety? Were the dogs bothering them? What was wrong with the ungrateful little wrens?

He offered me lots of advice and told me to just be patient (something I believe he may have mentioned a gazillion times throughout my life…see the pattern?).

Suddenly the birds found me! They loved the suet tubes I hung in front of my kitchen window and the seeds, fruits and nuts I put in the feeder hanging from the branches of a tree. It was amazing. I’d frequently spot eight at a time wrestling for spots on each of the perches.

At one point, we even had two northern flickers battling it out on the suet–unheard of!!

My favourite little visitors are the tiny black-capped chickadees, whose little legs look like they could snap in the wind. Adorable. The red and yellow house finches are plentiful too. I’m discovering a lot about bird behaviour, particularly their tendancy to duck for cover in the leafy tree whenever an eagle’s shadow crosses the back yard. They clear out pretty fast when the blue jays come swooping in too. Did I mention the humming birds? Fascinating birds to watch!!!

Black-capped chickadee (photo by Wolf Read via

It doesn’t cost much for some of natures most entertaining creatures! All I have is a simple tube feeder, and I buy a “no mess” bag of bird feed every few months (although right now they’re bulking up for the winter and eating like little pigs). I imagine I’m giving nature a little helping hand.

Best of all, I get to talk about it with my dad…doesn’t get better than that.

House finch (photo by TOTORORO.RORO via Flickr

fresh air fieldtrip…

Hello my lovelies…

I snuck away for a wee blog break, and now I’m all refreshed and ready to share my little vignettes. I hope you’re all wiggling your toes in sand, gorging on big fat blueberries, and clipping sweet peas for your bedside tables. Isn’t summertime simply gorgeous?!

My day has been the epitome of summer fun. My pal, Patty, and my daughter Jane joined me for a fieldtrip into the depths of Fraser Valley farm country. It’s amazing to see the burgeoning fields only minutes away from “downtown” White Rock (ba ha ha ha).

Our first stop was Vista D’oro Farms & Winery, where we found delicious preserves to fill our pantries with for those oooooh so long winter months. When we drove in, Patty spotted this bucolic scene and we both grabbed our cameras. The cat kept trying to jump down from the window (typical cat wanting to wreck my shot), but the awesome farm dog kept chasing it right back up!

Then we headed for Full Bloom Farm, where we luxuriated in the field of amazing lavender plants, and enjoyed the beautiful gardens. Unfortunately, the farm shop was closed, so we didn’t have a chance to pick up any treasures. But the lavender was so perfumey and literally buzzing with bees.

Next stop: JD Farms Specialty Turkey Store & Bistro!!! Let’s just say, way too much delicious stuff, really hungry photographer…ergo…no photos!!!! Sorry. It’s worth stopping here just for today’s special: open face hot turkey sandwich with stuffing & gravy (which I sadly didn’t have)! It’s like Christmas dinner in August!!!!!

After lunch, we meandered over to Krause Berry Farms, where I was blown away by the building expansion and garden additions. It’s like berry disneyland!!!!! I didn’t get any shots of the buildings ’cause I was mesmerized by the flowers. We loaded up with fresh-baked blueberry, peach and blackberry pies. Did I mention I’m not eating sugar right now, so I’m constantly in a bad mood and buying as much sugary food as I can get my hands on?!?! My poor family is having sugar overload ’cause I’m off sugar.

I love summer!!!!

Sun wherefore art thou?

Okay…this isn’t funny anymore…I’m not impressed. WHERE IS THE SUN? The look on my daughter’s face at Crescent Beach yesterday says it all for me. Not. Impressed. Seriously people…I’m thinking of moving to Arizona!!!!!! Lush green lawns be damned. Give me dust and sage brush if it means seeing the blazing ball when I wake up in the morning. I’m getting old.

At least I can keep dry on my verandah! But I still have to wear a winter jacket and clutch my glass of Chardonnay with a gloved hand. Ridiculous. Don’t tell Mark that I dipped into my inventory for a new cushion to lift my spirits. Chartreuse & black just makes me happy.

There. That feels better. I’ve now dumped my bad mood into the universe.


even steven goes to seattle…

Our girl’s nose was out-of-joint ’cause our boy got to go skiing for a week with his buddy, while the rest of us stayed “a la maison”. We thought we were so clever not going skiing. We rubbed our hands together just thinking about all the hard-earned cash we’d save this Spring Break. NOT!!!!

If you’ve ever been a sibling, you know that seething, brewing, festering temptation to “get even”. Our little pre-teen knows how much her brother LOVES going to Seattle to shop for clothes with the family, so that’s exactly where she picked as her revenge destination.

You’re right! Mark and I are weak! We bend at the first sign of trouble. We’re old and tired, and we don’t have the strength to resist her superhuman powers. Where did she learn how to get her eyes to go really big and fill up with FAKE tears on demand? Damn Google and its tutorials!!!

So yesterday morning (stupidly early), we headed for the border. We stopped for breakfast in Fairhaven at the historic Harris Avenue Cafe, where I gobbled down the best darned buttermilk pancakes I’ve ever tasted. I’m going to try cornmeal in my homemade pancakes–it adds a lovely crunch. They roast their own divinely-good coffee too!

Our next stop was Northgate Mall in Seattle. I won’t bore you with all the hideous shopping details, but I can’t resist just one. If my child ever comes to me and tells me, “My dream is to work in a hazardously dark store, where they play supersonic music, and I can inhale noxious perfume all day long,” I’ll know exactly who to direct them to–Hollister. My head is still pounding and the budget is blown!

Next we headed for my favourite shopping area–the University District–but this time we avoided the freeway and chose to drive all the way down on Roosevelt Avenue, through the funky little shops and houses. I was surprised by how much further ahead their Spring is. The cherry trees are in blossom and there are crocuses and daffodils everywhere. Lucky!

I couldn’t resist getting a shot of these tiny quirky shops–gotta love university towns.

There aren’t any more details or photos from this point on. Let’s just sum it up this way:

* Everything started to look the same

* Price tags started to get blurry

* feet throbbing

* No parking anywhere near Starbucks

* Nobody agreed on what to have for dinner, so ended up in worst restaurant choice of all

* pouting throughout vehicle

* Listened to the border report and drove the extra 30 minutes to the “faster” crossing, only to find out everyone else was listening to the same border report

* Headed back to original border destination, only to find out everyone else headed to the original border destination ahead of us

* Waited in line-up for 60 minutes

* Seethed with hatred for all the “idiot” drivers cheating the lineup

* Honked at twice by idiot drivers ’cause we wouldn’t let them cut in front

* Got home three hours later than expected

* Loved up by lonesome dogs

* Hate shopping

* Hate losing when we think we’re winning

lazy sunday post…

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