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My dear friend, DeAnn Bremner of Empower By Design invited me to talk at her meet-up about how social media has become a huge part of my brand development.  I’m really looking forward to connecting with other entrepreneurial women and sharing what I know about the world of Twitter, Facebook and Blogging.

Once you get me started talking, it’s hard to shut up me up, but I’ll need an audience (who am I kidding…I could talk to myself for hours…and do regularly when I’m grocery shopping), so if you’re interested, I’d love to see you there.

empower by design

orange ya glad there's orange…

My mother the nurse used to say that we crave what we’re missing in our bodies, so I must be missing some Vitamin C in my decor, ’cause I’m craving the colour orange. This time last year, I did the same thing (see my Hooray for Orange post). I was fixated on orange and yet, there’s still not a speck of it in my home (except of course my hair…which is orange, not red. Why do we call orange hair, red?)…tsk, tsk, tsk.

Jonathan Adler has a wonderful way of combining seemingly disparate patterns and colours in such pleasing combinations. The blue, orange and coral really balance the intensity of the chocolate brown walls.

photograph by Jessica Antola via Style at Home magazine

I can’t help staring at the rug in this room. It’s so beautiful and just the right degree of orange. This room was done by Cristi Holcombe of Charm Home Design.

photo courtesy Cristi Holcombe

Here’s another vignette by Cristi. Just look at those beautiful drapes….sigh

photo courtesy Charm Home Designs

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I adore Designer’s Guild. I dream of having DG window coverings flowing in summer breezes throughout my mansion some day!

photo courtesy Designer's Guild

Quick…where does your eye go first? Uh huh…the orange pillow…whether you like it or not.

photo courtesy Designer's Guild

This could work. An orange phone would be the perfect little pop of orange in my kitchen. Love the vintage chic vibe too! Oldphones.com has lots of great phones.

photo via Habitually Chic

Enough about me. What’s your favourite colour? The one that your eye is always drawn to? The colour that just makes you feel good?

beige to brilliant…

There’s just something so compelling about before & after photos. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fashion makeover, a show about hoarding, or a weight-loss program…I’m addicted to seeing transformations. This makeover by Style At Home magazine absolutely nailed it for me! Although the budgets are slightly gasp-inducing (I’m cheap, so what), both versions of the room are just gorgeous.


photo courtesy Style At Home magazine

AFTER VERSION ONE $17,485 budget — $8,000 for the Paul Smith hand-knotted wool rug for The Rug Company) And you’re going to love this…are you sitting down? Guess how much the blue silk ikat cushion is? You’re absolutely right, it’s $637–what a bargooon!!!!!

photo courtesy Style At Home magazine

AFTER VERSION TWO: $4,636 budget — $1,995 for the hand-knotted wool rug from Elte and $280 for the viscose/cotton blue ikat cushion (still ridiculously expensive in my cheap…er…reasonable opinion)

photo courtesy Style At Home magazine

sunday kinda love…

The older I get, the more I love Sundays! I used to dread work on Monday mornings, which basically ruined Sunday afternoons and evenings for me (did a lot of public speaking and the knot would build in my stomach on Sundays). Now I’m doing what I love (took many many years), so it’s not a chore heading to work any more–I get to chill on Sundays. One of my favourite Sunday activities is preparing for my photography class on Mondays. So here is a smattering of the images I collected today.

camera shy…not!

You never know what you’re going to capture with a camera, and today I certainly learned that lesson. My daughter and I dropped by Semiahmoo Stables and snapped a few shots of our favourite four-legged friends! You’d think they’d shy away from the camera, but not this crew…particularly the white Arabian called Czhivago.

And a one…




A face only a mother could love!!!!

playhouse do-over…

Have you ever wanted a childhood do-over?

As a child, I spent much of my time dreaming in my playhouse, and I would love to recapture that feeling of pure freedom. Only this time, I’d do it up in GRAND style!!! (I shouldn’t complain ’cause my dad built me a really amazing playhouse on stilts with windows, a shake shingled roof, and a grand staircase leading to the front door.)

There would be some serious whitewashing and it would be completely over-the-top frilly and girlie–a sight to behold, let me tell ya! My guest roster would extremely selective…only friends bearing lavish gifts and bottles of wine! Gossip would not only be encouraged, but expected!

photo courtesy Rachel Swan Design blog

photo courtesy Restyled Home

photo courtesy Jeanette Van Wicklen

photo courtesy Country House via Hooray

Above: This is a garage that was converted into an outdoor room (featured on Hooray Design). Below: The interior

photo coutesy Country House via Hooray

photo courtesy Moth Design

Above: The inspiration for this blog post. An outdoor room by Moth Design. Below: The interior

photo courtesy Moth Design

epicurean happenstance…

My photography course is turning out to be a wonderful excuse for a journey around some of Vancouver’s wonderful restaurants. After every class, my friend, Patty, and I hit a new restaurant for lunch. Today’s choice was a case of delightful happenstance. It was pouring rain and we struck out with our first and second choice restaurants, and just as we were looking for a spot to make a U-turn, there it was…Trafalgars Bistro. It’s tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood on 16th Avenue and I’m in love.

I ordered the Moules & Frites, and Patty ordered the Eggs Benedict on potato latkes with spinach and bacon. Halfway through the meal, we switched plates, so each of us had half of each dish. My family is wondering why I don’t feel like cooking dinner on Mondays!!!

My favourite dish was the Mussels & Fries, but I couldn’t get a decent picture, sorry. The mussels were drenched in a decadent creamy white wine broth filled with garlic and shallots. We soaked it up with french bread–out of this world. The fries were the best I’ve ever tasted. My only complaint was that the eggs were over-poached, but it was still a really tasty dish. The potato latkes were delicious.

turkish cotton giveaway…

It’s time for a giveaway! Just leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win one of our 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Robes worth $104.99 (you’ll be able to choose your size SM/MED or L/XL). The draw for a random winner will take place on February 28. You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of Canada or the U.S.A. Good luck!!!

photo by Rainier DeSmit for Nicole Jane Home

invisible friends…

I had the most delightful encounter with a fan the other day. Here’s a shout out to Nancy, who stopped me on my way in to a cafe to tell me how much she liked my blog. I can’t tell you how exciting that was for me! If you are a blogger, then you know what I mean when I say it can be a lonely exercise sometimes, particularly when you’re just starting out. It seems like you’re writing to yourself A LOT, until people begin leaving comments. It’s just so thrilling when you discover that people actually like what you write.

We bloggers tend to forget that there are a lot of silent followers, who faithfully visit our blogs, but don’t feel comfortable leaving comments. So this post is dedicated to all the invisible friends who visit my little blog. If you ever feel like commenting, I promise I won’t make you stand up in front of the class and say your name! If you ever want a private word with me,  just send me an email to info@nicolejane.com.

See if you can figure my theme in these photos….it’s super sophisticated and highly clever!!!!

courtesy Hardrock Construction via Houzz

photo by Chad Jackson via Houzz

photo by Abbe Fenimore via Houzz

photo by Lola B's via Houzz

photo by Abbe Fenimore via Houzz

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