Scout about it…

I’m a huge fan of Birch & Bird and the vintage handmade markets they hold every few months. My gal pals, Kim & Ann, joined me for the preview event for Scout Market last night in Abbotsford, BC. It was a love fest for all things vintage and fabulous. We nibbled on delicious cheese and cupcakes, sipped lovely wine and coveted EVERYTHING we saw. The market is running all day today. If you get a chance to drop in, I’d highly recommend it!

cute as a button…

Oh look. How beautiful. Just want to bring it home with me. What? You thought I meant the toddler? I meant the gorgeous distressed white bench and the beautiful crocheted blanket. Love them! (The toddler’s adorable, but I’m only interested in being a Grandma in about 40 years!!!). If anyone comes across a bench like that at a garage sale/flea market…call me!!!

photo courtesy ELLE Decoration

green-eyed beauty…

Who says it’s hard being green? Not me! Next to pink, I think my favorite color is green–particularly Kelly Green and Chartreuse. It’s just lucky for me that green is hot right now (not that’s I’d really care if it wasn’t). Here are some examples of wonderful uses of my second favorite color. Brandon Barre is a talented photograper, and I love, love, love his work. He gets to work with some of my design crushes (including my BFF Candace Olsen. Candace, call me. Let’s do lunch). This is one of his exquisite shots. I love the acid greens with black–drama, baby, drama!

photo by Brandon Barre

Oh, okay…I’ll show you another one of his amazing photos! Isn’t this divine? The dark flooring is the perfect contrast against the seafoam walls.

photo courtesy Brandon Barre Photography

This is such a gorgeous wallpaper. When it comes to decorating, one of the most important principles is to choose your upholstery fabrics first and choose your wall color last. I always believe in exceptions, and, in this case, I would choose the wallpaper and then work in the rest of the decor around it. Don’t ya just love that sweet bamboo-esque chair? Bamboo is hot, hot, hot right now. (I have the feeling that somebody’s going to email and say “That isn’t bamboo, you twit!”)

photo courtesy York Wallcoverings

Tobi Fairley is very talented designer. She puts a fresh twist on traditional design, and I’m always giddy when I see her rooms in magazines and websites. Green and silver is a fantastic combination, but leave it to Ms. Fairley to come up with the brilliant idea of using both metals as accents with kelly green!

photo courtesy Tobi Fairley

And what would a blog be without a little jhooshing from Designers Guild? Nottin’ I tells ya! Ahhhhh…green and pink…sigh! Wouldn’t a beautiful little silver aluminum table or a mirrored table look goooooorgeous between these little glamour girls?

photo courtesy Designers Guild

Okay…so we’ve now established that I love green, but let me qualify my appreciation a little. I can hate green too (hey, Gemini, can’t help it). I just want to be clear that I can HATE every single color on the spectrum if it’s used poorly. This is an example of the type of design that draws strong negative reactions from me (I apologize to everyone who loves it). If this is your cup of tea, that’s great go for it, but I just won’t be able to visit đŸ™‚

photo courtesy House Beautiful via Lipstick on Your Teeth

Now that we got that out of the way, back to something divine. This lovely room from Country Living magazine.

photo courtesy Country Living Magazine

Now get out there and get some green!!!

cocktail table love…

How’s your relationship with your coffee table…er….cocktail table (pssst…that’s what they’re being called now)? Love it? Sick of it?

There’s nothing like an interesting table to set the tone for an entire room.  I’ve learned a few things about cocktail tables: (1) Make sure the table isn’t much higher than your seating, otherwise it will look odd and out of sync with everything else. (2) A mirrored-top table can’t be beat, in my humble opinion. They’re just so fabulous for reflecting candlelight, flowers and decorative pieces (and you’ll spot that spinach in your teeth lickity-split).  (3) keep the scale of your furniture and the structural elements in the room in mind when you choose a table. Don’t fall for that precious little number with waif-thin legs if your sofa is huge and you’ve got cathedral ceilings and  a gothic fireplace–like the Bat Cave.

Here are a few that I think stand on their own (wow…now that’s one four-legged pun)! Maybe I’ll get one for Mother’s Day…doubt it!

photo by Jean Randazzo for Kishani Perera

Forget the table…I want the ENTIRE room. I love Kishani Perera‘s designs. You should take a look at her fabulous portfolio and DROOOOOL!!!!

photo by Jean Randazzo for Kishani Perera

The wall treatment and chairs aren’t my cup of tea, but I think the tables are fabulous. I can see them working in lots of designs.

photo by Usona via Houzz

I think this table is tres chic n’est-ce pas? It’s a coffee table with built-in gas fireplace. I love it. Is that a pool? I’m in! Packing my bags right now…gotta go!

photo courtesyPlanika Fires

This is such a great cocktail table. It can be dressed up or down according to your lifestyle. A friend of mine has one like this, and she always uses a massive reclaimed wood tray to serve cocktails and appetizers. It’s always so inviting. I’m lovin’ the quilted lacquer side table by the chair too.

photo courtesy Elle Decor

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny it sets the tone in the room. I personally love it ’cause it speaks volumes about the homeowners–they’re not afraid to be different, they don’t take themselves too seriously, they’re creative and bold. Oh…yeah…and it PINK!!!!! Swooooon.

photo courtesy House & Home

Remember: If you want to visit any of the sites, just click on the pictures đŸ™‚

online 3D decorating…

I just came across this very cool online interior decorating website–Decorate It Online. I live on my computer (which explains why I stared Nicole Jane Home), so I love the idea of being able to consult with a decorator online anytime I want.

They have varying levels of service and provide decorating advice and shopping lists. At a higher level, you can even get 3D pictures of the rooms you want to decorate. What a great idea!

Gotta love Before & After shots!!!

photo courtesy of Decorate It Online

photo courtesy of Decorate It Online

Here is a collection of some of the 3D photos they provide to clients based on questionnaires about personal likes/dislike and room dimensions.

photo courtesy of Decorate It Online

new age nesting…

When my children were born, I was not…how shall I put it…decor enlightened. My little lovelies, Sam and Jane, were lucky to get a few stars and clouds sponged on to their baby-blue walls (they shared a room in our little cottage). I was a little preoccupied with the rigors of motherhood and the blur of the first few years to even know what I didn’t know!

So now, when I come across children’s furnishings and decor, I find myself experiencing pangs of guilt about missed opportunities and neglect–then I snap out of it and remember that I’m not interested in taking out a mortgage just to redecorate their rooms! There are days, though, when I would happily bribe them with the prospect of flat-screen TVs and bar fridges just to get them to keep wet towels, empty cups and dirty socks off the floors.

For those of you who have your act together way more than me, here are some beautiful nesting ideas. If they aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps there’s a color combination, a display arrangement, or an organizational idea you like.

I think the bull’s-eye hooks are so cool (OMG, Mom, nobody actually says that). I can see them working in a child’s bedroom too. (photographer: Rachael Smith via Gap Interiors)

I came across Little Nest , an Australian company that designs kid versions of classic designer chairs and furniture. This is for the uber-junior-fashionista!

photo from Little Nest

courtesy of Little Nest

I never would have considered chartreuse (kinda sorta) and lilac. It’s such a fresh design The bumper pads on the bunk-bed rail are practical and fun at the same time.

courtesy of Style at Home

The next three rooms are featured on This coquetish little room is for zee really girly-girl (lame attempt at a French accent).

courtesy HGTV

I know some grown-up girls who’d luuuuuvvvvv this room.

courtesy HGTV

The wood-panelled porthole shelf gives this room the perfect edge. It will help transition the room from preschool to high-school. See those little orange armchairs and ottoman? I want the grown-up version in my living room!!!

courtesy HGTV

I like that they used a narrow striped paint treatment instead of crown moulding in this sweet little room. The pom-pom chandelier is the icing on the cake!

courtesy HGTV

I can see where this is going…I’m going to be one of those over-the-top grandmas who insists on meddling in the room designs for each of her grand-babies (in another 50 years or so…’cause I’m that young).

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