lucky birthday, nyla free…

This just might be your lucky day ’cause it’s Dabble Magazine design columnist, Nyla Free‘s birthday and of course that means a giveaway!!!!

This one’s awesome. It’s a Design In A Box custom designed for you by Nyla herself. I won last year, and I’ve already bragged about it on this blog many times đŸ™‚ I’m sure you’re all sick and tired of hearing me rave about the colours she picked for my living room, and the drapery, and the furniture, and the layout, and the accessories…oh…and the artwork!

Pop over to her blog and checkout the contest details…just click on the picture and it will deliver you right to it, lickity split! Good luck đŸ™‚

fieldstone vintage market…

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning! Woke up early, grabbed my daughter, hopped in the Volvo, picked up my girlfriend and her daughter, and pointed the GPS toward Abbotsford, BC for the Fieldstone Vintage Market. Yeeeeehaaaaw. (Did I mention the coffee and fresh-baked cinnamon buns we picked up on the way?)

We were blown away by the bucolic setting at Bakerview Eco Dairy, which is the first demonstration dairy of its kind in Canada. The weather was idyllic–a sunny, warm September day! There were lots of happy shoppers wandering through the field of vendors. We were like kids in a candy store skipping from booth to booth and finding lots of very reasonably-priced goodies. (Well…okay…we didn’t skip…and the girls weren’t quite as embarrassingly “into it” as Kim and I were).

I’m still kicking myself for not coming home with one of these gorgeous handmade pillows for only $18!!!!!

My friends know that when it comes to shopping with me, it’s every woman for herself. That’s why Kim wasn’t surprised when I snatched up this chair the very second she said she’d “think about it”. Ya snooze, ya lose!!!! It was only $32!!!

I walked away with this awesome red-framed vintage advertisement for pancakes. It’s now hanging in my kitchen, and I crave pancakes all the time!

Kudos to the organizers of this amazing event, Rachel & Lily, over at Birch & Bird blog. I’m really hoping they’re planning their next sale. I could blissfully spend every weekend doing this đŸ™‚

restraunt restroom envy…

Pssst…hey lady…want to know where the best restaurant bathroom is? It’s smack dab in the middle of Scottsdale, Arizona!!! I discovered this gem while vacationing with the family last week, and I knew I just had to share it with you. I think any restaurant–like the Renegade Canteen–that takes this much care and consideration for its girlie customers should get a smooch or two (they also make the best peppercorn steak I’ve EVER eaten)!

The walls were papered in a gorgeous tone-on-tone damask pattern. When I spotted this mirror, I nearly swooned! Then I turned and saw this magnificent hammered steel sink.

Looked behind me and spotted this little lovely!!! Keep in mind, this is all in ONE bathroom!!! ONE. It’s almost too much for a girl to handle…

Fine print: I know these pictures bite lemons, but what’s a girl with a little purse camera and dark lighting to do? The kids kept rolling their eyes and pleading with me not to bring the “big embarrassing” camera with me!!!

Mental note: Must travel alone.

vintage field market…

Dear September, I love you.

I know. I know. I gush about each new season as it comes, but trust me, this is one of the best month’s ever! It’s all about new possibilities and hunkering down for the winter with visions of chicken stew and dumplings, gingerbread pudding and cozy evenings with the fireplace on (Who am I kidding? It’s gonna be dinners gulped down before rugby practices. Wading through closets looking for riding boots. Getting home in time for tutors. Driving to pick up kids at the indoor pool!!!).

One of the best things about September is the plethora of fall fairs and harvest markets! Who can resist those butternut squash, or the canning jars of golden ripe peaches? I defy you not to buy a box of ripe field heirloom tomatoes!

I’m really looking forward to the Fieldstone Vintage Market about an hour from where I live–out among the lush farmlands in the Fraser Valley, BC. I’d like to thank Jodi, over at The Simply Inspired Home, for posting about this amazing market. Hopefully I’ll see her and  some of my blogger friends out there!

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