area rug area rules…

Ever wondered about the rules for placement of area rugs? Apparently, I’ve been breaking ALL the rules ALL these years. I finally got so fed up three years ago that I ditched the rug under my coffee table and haven’t replaced it since (bad girl).

I’m really impressed by the new line of area rugs by Style At Home magazine…yes…the magazine! I haven’t seen them “live”, so I have no idea about the quality, but for $190, you can get this rug (other styles/sizes) for 8’x11′. Not bad.

photo courtesy Style At Home Magazine

As for the rug placement rules…Style At Home’s got that covered too. Christine Hanlon recommends the following rules in the May 2011 issue.

* An area rug should always extend under all of the key furniture pieces. It’s best not to have a large section of empty rug extend beyond where the furniture ends; ideally, the rug should only extend one to two feet beyond the furniture–ensure that this is consistent on all sides.

* A dining room rug should be large enough that when chairs are pulled out from the table they are still on the rug–usually one-and-a-half to two feet of extra space beyond the table on all sides.

* If you’re placing two rugs in adjacent rooms, there should be a proportionate amount of space between them since each defines its own distinct area, with graphic patterns, the designs could be the same or well-selected companions (for example, reverse colourways of the same pattern).

orange ya glad there's orange…

My mother the nurse used to say that we crave what we’re missing in our bodies, so I must be missing some Vitamin C in my decor, ’cause I’m craving the colour orange. This time last year, I did the same thing (see my Hooray for Orange post). I was fixated on orange and yet, there’s still not a speck of it in my home (except of course my hair…which is orange, not red. Why do we call orange hair, red?)…tsk, tsk, tsk.

Jonathan Adler has a wonderful way of combining seemingly disparate patterns and colours in such pleasing combinations. The blue, orange and coral really balance the intensity of the chocolate brown walls.

photograph by Jessica Antola via Style at Home magazine

I can’t help staring at the rug in this room. It’s so beautiful and just the right degree of orange. This room was done by Cristi Holcombe of Charm Home Design.

photo courtesy Cristi Holcombe

Here’s another vignette by Cristi. Just look at those beautiful drapes….sigh

photo courtesy Charm Home Designs

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I adore Designer’s Guild. I dream of having DG window coverings flowing in summer breezes throughout my mansion some day!

photo courtesy Designer's Guild

Quick…where does your eye go first? Uh huh…the orange pillow…whether you like it or not.

photo courtesy Designer's Guild

This could work. An orange phone would be the perfect little pop of orange in my kitchen. Love the vintage chic vibe too! has lots of great phones.

photo via Habitually Chic

Enough about me. What’s your favourite colour? The one that your eye is always drawn to? The colour that just makes you feel good?

beige to brilliant…

There’s just something so compelling about before & after photos. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fashion makeover, a show about hoarding, or a weight-loss program…I’m addicted to seeing transformations. This makeover by Style At Home magazine absolutely nailed it for me! Although the budgets are slightly gasp-inducing (I’m cheap, so what), both versions of the room are just gorgeous.


photo courtesy Style At Home magazine

AFTER VERSION ONE $17,485 budget — $8,000 for the Paul Smith hand-knotted wool rug for The Rug Company) And you’re going to love this…are you sitting down? Guess how much the blue silk ikat cushion is? You’re absolutely right, it’s $637–what a bargooon!!!!!

photo courtesy Style At Home magazine

AFTER VERSION TWO: $4,636 budget — $1,995 for the hand-knotted wool rug from Elte and $280 for the viscose/cotton blue ikat cushion (still ridiculously expensive in my cheap…er…reasonable opinion)

photo courtesy Style At Home magazine

barefoot fantasy…

Oooooh la la. I’m having a great time this morning researching rugs. Last night, I came across a blog (sorry…for the life of me, I can’t remember which one) that featured a picture of a gorgeous Amy Butler rug, and then I was off like Alice down the rabbit hole into the world of rugs. Most of the ones that really caught my eye were modern interpretations of vintage designs.

What I want to know is, where on earth are all these amazing homes? You’ll see what I mean.

Love Heart by Vivienne Westwood for The Rug Company

I thought this first image of Vivienne Westwood‘s Love Heart rug for The Rug Company was appropriate considering our Valentine’s Day Necklace Giveaway is coming up rapidly! Don’t forget to leave comments

Candy Flower by Marni for The Rug Company

The Rug Company, from Britain, has a huge collection of the most amazing rugs by top designers. Take a look at their website and you won’t believe how much time you can spend just sifting through the pictures. I really like Marni‘s rug designs. Notice the white pouf (the marshmallow-like floor cushion…please correct me if I’m using the wrong term for it)? They’re hot right now. I’m seeing them everywhere, upholstered in a kaleidescope of fabrics.

Liberty by Marni for The Rug Company

I love the rug, I love the bed, and I LOVE the crocheted coverlet.

Coventry by Amy Butler

Amy Butler’s Coventry rug inspired me to write this post. Her designs incorporate wonderful colors and such bold graphics. They’re like works of art.

Mums and Asters by Kim Parker for The Rug Company

Must have entire room….STAT!!!! I love you, Kim Parker. Her rug, Mums and Asters, was voted one of “The 50 Most Desireable Objects in British Design”. Awesome.

Tea Roses by Kim Parker for The Rug Company

Did I mention I love Kim Parker?

Amelie by Kim Parker for The Rug Company

That’s it! Sandra Bullock’s out…Kim Parker’s my new BFF

Tribe by Matthew Williamson for The Rug Company

On its own, I don’t think I would have taken a second look at this geometric rug by Matthew Williamson, but combined with everything else, it just sings!

photo courtesy of Designer Rugs

Designer Rugs, an Australian company, has some beautiful rugs. I love this linked pattern (I really have a thing for pink, don’t I?).

Temple Garland by Amy Butler

Just thought I’d finish off with another gorgeous Amy Butler rug. It really works with the mid-century style teak chair

Something tells me I’m going to have to save A LOT of pop cans and get a paper route to afford any one of these little lovelies in my home.

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