boxing day sales…


Last night, a wave of generosity washed over me–the kind that only happens during the dreamy fog of a prime rib and raspberry tiramisu hangover–and I offered to drive my daughter “downtown” to hit the Boxing Day sales today. What the what?!?! I wasn’t impressed when I woke up this morning, and the reality of the situation hit me. There was no feigning an illness, no strained muscle, and no family emergency. I was forced to succumb and we headed to Vancouver. Surprisingly, we found amazing parking spots, the crowds weren’t cranky, and the champagne mimosas at the bar I planted myself in were delicious (it also helps when your darling husband offers to drive)!

art deco harbour…



Project 365 Photos: #56

When I spotted the harbour wall, I was impressed by the repeating pattern and the way the greens, blues and greys intermingled. It makes me think that someone put a lot of thought into beautifying Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, right down to the Art Deco detailing on the sea wall (I apologize to all the architects out there who are laughing hysterically at me for calling it Art Deco. I have no idea if it is or not…just a guess).


In Vancouver…


Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC

Project 365 Photos: #51

Sometimes I have to stop and think about how beautiful my home is. I live about 1 hour’s drive south of Vancouver, BC, but I spend a lot of time in this beautiful city. There are so many amazing sights and truly gorgeous natural beauty. It takes my breath away. I love you Vancouver.


gritty street art…


street art

Project 365 Photos: #49

While shooting in Gastown, I popped my head around a corner and instantly got an eyeful of the underbelly of Vancouver street life that’s always lurking on the edges. As I stood there taking photos, my heart broke as I watched the sad drug-addled souls suffering in the alley right beside me.

I was struck by the gritty portrait of the odd bearded man.

flatiron beauty…


Gastown Flatiron

Project 365 Photos: #48


It’s a blustery cold morning here in South Surrey, BC, and it took all the strength I could muster to climb out of bed after hitting the snooze button about a dozen times–always pushing the limit. If I forecast a few years down the line, I can see myself sleeping in until 11 a.m. every morning ’cause I don’t have any kids to drop off at school (nobody tell my husband I said that). But I’ll miss them dearly, unless, of course, they’re still in our darkened family room playing video games at the age of 25, and then I will be plotting their demise!!!!

But I digress…

The photo was snapped in Gastown, Vancouver on Saturday evening. I just love flatiron buildings. They class up a city instantly, and give it a little Parisian flare. N’est-ce pas?


lavender latte…


Lavender Latte

Project 365 Photos: #27

Okay…I just have to say, this is the BEST liquid, I have ever put in my mouth!!!!! It’s a lavender latte made by Madina Cafe in Vancouver. I will dream about this cup of coffee ’til the day I die. I know. A bit over the top, but well worth the praise. I’ve eaten many times at this amazing Belgian restaurant, but I’ve never had a coffee beverage here before. I’ll never visit Vancouver without seeking out one of these drinks forever more.

Oprah drinks…


Oprah drinks!

Project 365 Photos: #26

Better late than never! For years, my BFF DeAnn and I have dreamed about travelling to Chicago to see the Oprah Winfrey. We each spent hours trying to phone the Oprah ticket number, with NO LUCK!!!

I gave up on the dream when Oprah retired her show, but a little while ago, DeAnn called to tell me that she was taking me to see our idol in Vancouver. She treated me to a bucket-list evening listening to one of the funniest, wisest women out there. We alternated between awe and laughter all night!

And when you’re going to see Oprah, you’ve just got to have cocktails before heading to the show!!!!!!

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