breaking up with january…

Once again, I find myself having to do homework, but this time…I LOVE IT! As part of my photography course, I have assignments each week, and I have to submit my “weekly 10”. So I thought I’d share some of the photos I shot today. January and I broke up a while ago–I just couldn’t handle his dreary, gray moods any more. So today I was determined to hunt for anything BUT January shots!

my new happy place…

I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t help being drawn in by magical delis that actually whisper in my ear, “You won’t regret it!” This in my new happy place in Vancouver. Pane Formaggio is a haven of scrumptiousness  smack dab on 10th Avenue (I can hear all my Vancouver pals saying “duh!”).

My girlfriend, Patty Ripley, and I shared an amazing sandwich and we both picked up some of the delicious Applewood Smoked Cheddar. The pastries were calling my name…

I picked up some of their “Old Village” chutney and I’m marinating a pork roast in it for tomorrow’s dinner….yum!!!

I’ll be visiting again for a taste of the Artisan Gelato!!!

cozy throws…

My new velvet throws are gorgeous, if I don’t say so myself. The best thing about them is that my supplier gave me an awesome deal and I get to pass the savings on to my customers. Wahoooo! I get to sell them for $59.99, which is 60% less than the regular price, $150. They are 51″ wide x 62″ long with crushed velvet on one side and stripes of coordinating velvet damask and solid cotton panels on the other side. I’ve got the blue one and it looks fabulous draped across the end of my bed. They’re a cotton/ramie/viscose/polyester blend.

dreaming of blossoms…

It’s snowing outside and I’m dreaming of warmer days filled with bulbs blooming and budding branches! In the meantime, here’s a little Spring eye candy shots from Dreamy Whites

photo courtesy Dreamy Whites

photo courtesy Dreamy Whites

photo courtesy Dreamy Whites

photo courtesy Dreamy Whites

banquettes are back…

Did they ever really leave? My love affair with banquette seating started in the kitchen of my childhood home. It was a big brown semi-circular pleather bench nestled in our carpeted kitchen (you heard me…carpeted…the 70’s were design-challenged years) and I loved it! As an adult, the passion for benches continues. I’ll break into a speed walk in restaurants, just to make sure I reach the banquette first.

photo courtesy Jane Ellison

I think the most beautiful banquette I’ve seen is in the home of my friend, Sharon Laxon of Layers & Layers. It’s quite tall and wraps around two walls to envelope the dining table–the upholstery is absolutely stunning. If my photography classes work out, maybe Sharon will allow me to take some shots to share with you (I might have to resort to bribery).

photo courtesy Blount Architectural & Interior Design

photo courtesy Blount Architectural and Interior Design

photo by Amoroso Design

photo courtesy Glenn Gissler Design

photo courtesy Palmer Weiss Interior Design

All this talk about banquettes reminded me of a hilarious family trip when I was 11 years old. My family, including my two older sisters who were 15 and 17 at the time, stopped in to a Dairy Queen restaurant on the way home. We were all mad at my father for some reason, so he sat alone on one side of the booth while “the women” all sat on the other side glaring at him. All of a sudden, our side  of the booth completely collapsed crashing to the floor. My mom and sisters and I lay flayling on the floor in the middle of the busy restaurant, while my dad laughed his head off. Drat!

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