Scandinavian fresh…

Canadian House & Home online TV features a tour of designer, Git Gustavsson’s Scandinavian-styled home. I loved her home office with chocolate brown walls and white trim and accents. She has a way of combining things that I would never dream of.

The inspiration for her office was a Mexican hotel room with turquoise walls, but she decided to paint the walls brown and paint the chandelier turquoise. She uses iconic Merimekko fabric for the window coverings.

photo courtesy Canadian House & Home Online TV

She uses an IKEA industrial-style dining room table as her desk with a white Barcelona chair.

photo courtesy Canadian House & Home Online TV

I love the way she displays pictures and other decorative items on the window sill.

photo courtesy Canadian House & Home Online TV

Her master bedroom combines grey, white and amethyst. Lovely. It’s hard to make out in this image, but she painted wide horizontal stripes of matte and shine on the wall behind the headboard.

photo courtesy Canadian House & Home Online TV

clutter madness…

Now that it’s Spring I’m noticing everything that lay hidden in Winter’s shadows (not the least of which is the grimy film on the living room windows…yikes). My latest pet peeve (I’m riddled with them) is electronic clutter. I detest it. TV’s, computers, earphones, telephones, stereos…anything with a cable! I’m considering “accidentally” vacuuming them up–I did it to Lego and I can do it again!

My hubbie, Mark, is a doll. Love him. Admire him. Respect him. Will divorce him if he puts one more electronic cable where I can SEE it!!! He grew up on a farm and everything had a purpose, not a style!

My desk is really well equipped with laptop, stationery screen & keyboard, phone, lights, fax, printer, scanner and about 2 million cables all intertwined under my desk.

My lovely, bright bedroom with romantic turret and fireplace is scarred by the existence of a big black flat screen TV on top of the white mantle. It’s not the TV itself that disturbs me (’cause I have to confess that I love a TV in my bedroom), it’s all the acoutrements that are plunked right up there with it: the DVD player, the surround sound speakers, and the miles of cable snaking arcoss the mantle that drives me absolutely nuts! I suggested a professional installation, but apparently that went over about as well as suggesting that we stop and ask for directions at a firehall (hey…don’t judge me…firemen are hunky).

So, it’s time to take things into my own hands. Here are some things that might work. If anyone out there has any suggestions, I’m begging you…please save my marriage!

Style at Home’s blog posted a great little article on camouflaging your electronics. I think the collage is a great idea.

photo courtesy Style At Home magazine

This is a really great idea. It’s the Muro Media Storage frame from Design Within Reach. It comes unfinished and you can paint it or wallpaper it to match your wall. It’s a load-baring frame that allows you to hide all the wires between the frame and the wall.

photo courtesy Design Within Reach

photo courtesy Design Within Reach

photo courtesy Design Within Reach

This is such a adorable little charging station designed by Kikkerland (available at It hides cords and keeps all your gadgets neetly stored in one place (until your kids enter your office and “borrow” stuff that never returns–it’s impossible to keep Scotch tape anywhere in my office).

photo courtesy

And then there’s the master of organization…IKEA. This is a great little cable organizer, and I’m going to hop in my Swedish Volvo and whip over to the land of Swiss innovation and pick one up (don’t mind their cinnamon buns either).

photo courtesy IKEA

photo courtesy IKEA

Another clever camouflage idea by Style At Home. That is fabulous wallpaper, and definitely a bold statement.

photo courtesy Style At Home

online 3D decorating…

I just came across this very cool online interior decorating website–Decorate It Online. I live on my computer (which explains why I stared Nicole Jane Home), so I love the idea of being able to consult with a decorator online anytime I want.

They have varying levels of service and provide decorating advice and shopping lists. At a higher level, you can even get 3D pictures of the rooms you want to decorate. What a great idea!

Gotta love Before & After shots!!!

photo courtesy of Decorate It Online

photo courtesy of Decorate It Online

Here is a collection of some of the 3D photos they provide to clients based on questionnaires about personal likes/dislike and room dimensions.

photo courtesy of Decorate It Online

the office…

My office is a downer! There I said it! I have stacks of catalogues, correspondence, accounting papers, product samples and coffee cups scattered all over the place (and I mean all over the place, which absolutely drives my assistant into conniption fits…I can recall a few expletives flung in my direction).

The clean-up part is obvious…the design is more evasive. Should it be modern or classic, sparse or cozy, dark or light, etc.? I’m starting to collect ideas and it may take a while, but I will come up with a scheme. All input is welcome…and greatly appreciated.

photo courtesy of House to Home

photo courtesy of House to Home

photo courtesy of House to Home

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