perfect pooch…

Sick of me yet? I’ve been making a concerted effort to blog WAY more. So today, I’m going to torture you some more with my latest photos! Do you have some little spot in your home that brings you a lot of enjoyment? I love this little overlooked nook in my kitchen. It’s what I spot first thing every morning, and it just tickles my fancy.

I have two naughty dogs–Daisy & Stella. But I’ve got one perfect pooch–Recycled Rover!!!! She doesn’t bark at innocent by-passers. She doesn’t have “accidents” on my carpets. She definitely doesn’t shred abandoned socks. And, she doesn’t sit beside me staring at me whenever I eat ANYTHING.

it's all about scale…

Just wanted to share this picture with you. I love the scale in this room. It’s obviously quite spacious with very high ceilings, and the designer has done a terrific job making it seem warm. The the large piece of art (as a dog lover, it really appeals to me) and the huge vase with tall branches brings everything into proportion.

photo by Virginia Macdonald via Shelter blog

dear grey you make me happy…

Who knew that grey could be so bright and airy? I just came across these stunning rooms on two beautiful blogs and I just had to share them with you. The first two are from Decor Happy, a blog I’m sure to follow now that I’ve found it.

I absolutely adore this bathroom. It just screams “serene” (yeah, yeah an oxymoron…I couldn’t help it). Me likey, me want!

photo courtesy Decor Happy

Here…let me give you a hanky, ’cause I know you’re weeping, like me, at the very sight of this exquisite kitchen. I know my kitchen won’t look like this until my kids move out, though. Some how, some way, there WOULD be spaghetti sauce on that window covering. It defies all logic, but it happens at my house!!!

photo courtesy Decor Happy

This image is from Good Measure, another fabulous blog that I will be following. I just love the grey island table and the black lantern light fixture–gorgeous.

photo courtesy Good Measure

shine never gets old…

Dear Silver,

Don’t go changing, to try and please me. You never let me down before. Don’t imagine you’re too familiar, and I don’t see you any more!

Forever yours,


Some things just never go out of style, and silver is on top of the list! I always follow trends with interest, but I don’t always go along when things are declared “over”. Although the design pundits declare it “in” and “out” regularly, it really never goes out of style. I figure, if you love it, then it’s in style…at least at your home it is!

(Nobody panic! Silver has not been deemed “out”. I’m just sayin’, if that were to happen, I’d have to deem “them” stupid.)

photo courtesy Coburn Architecture

photo courtesy Laura Hardin via Houzz

photo by Designs by Shoshana via Houzz

photo courtesy Country Living

photo by Amoroso Design via Houzz

photo by Celia James via Houzz

photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

Call me crazy, but I doubt everyone is going to freak out and change all their fixtures to bronze, just because someone decides chrome is so “last season”. In my opinion (and really that’s all that matters, right?), I think silver is a versatile neutral that packs a style punch!

blushing pink…

Ahhh…pink…what’s not to love. Last week somebody on Twitter told me that not all people love pink–incredible! I know, I know…I’ve gushed about pink before, but this time, I need your advice (more on that later). The clematis vines covering a trellis and our garage roof are just about to burst. In about two weeks, it will be a sea of blush pink blossoms, and I’ll be able to happily stare out the kitchen window and take in the beautiful site while doing the dishes (ugh). Until then, I’ll just have to entertain myself with these gorgeous images!!!

SIDE BAR: I get the Bad Mother award for just sneaking in to my daughter’s Easter egg stash and swiping a bunny! Don’t judge me…writing takes energy! I swore I’d only eat the ear, but I’m halfway down the face now! I must be stopped.

If you want to buy flowers in Jackson Hole Wyoming, I think you should call Lily & Co. If these bouquets are any indication of their designs, I’m sold!! I wonder if they deliver to l’il ol’ Surrey, B.C.?

photo courtesy Lily & Co.

Wouldn’t your morning be so much more exciting if you were greeted by this in the kitchen? Even better if it had a sparkly iced Pop Tart in it!!! Amazon sells them for $172.

SIDE BAR: Feeling sick from all the chocolate. Shouldn’t have typed in “Pop Tart“…oh boy!

photo by Amazon

This sweetheart mixing bowl would look just perfect on my counter filled with cookie dough.

SIDE BAR: What is wrong with me? I can’t stop writing about sweet stuff. Could it be karma? (shudder)

photo via Torrie Jayne

This is where you come in with heaps of help.

Just spoke to one of my sales reps and I’m thinking about bringing in these french glasses by La Rochere. What do you think? Bet they’d look stunning with some of our Apri Cornell linens…or even a brown paper bag! Love ’em, but need your advice…should I carry them? Do you love ’em or would you leave ’em? Which size do you prefer? I don’t know what they retail for but I don’t think they’re terribly cher.

This is me at my house getting ready for my wedding 21 years ago. Take that Barbie!

SIDE NOTE: Do you think somebody can go to heck if they steal their children’s Easter bunny and lie about what they look like?

photo via Wedding Inspirasi

smashing tiles…

I was watching Kirstie Alley‘s TV show the other night, and I noticed the tiles that Nate Berkus had installed throughout her kitchen on an Oprah makeover show. Although green tiles don’t sound appealing, these ones are somehow quite lovely. They have a beautiful shiny glaze and look like something you would see in a beautiful home in Mexico. This photo of Kirstie’s kitchen doesn’t do it justice.

photo courtesy

So I thought it would be fun to look at some of the more interesting backsplash options out there (I’m an interior design junky, so any excuse to look at photos, and I’m all over it!). I really like this kitchen. Aren’t the blue tiles cheerful? The woven natural blinds are a wonderful contrast and keep it from being too cool.

photo courtesy Houzz

The pressed tin tiles and the pink curtains remind me of a Parisian bistro. The cabinetry, tiles and leaded window all work really well together.

photo courtesy Houzz

These sexy black tiles are intriguing. I’m not sure about the whole look, though. Something isn’t quite right, and I think it’s the white outlet covers. I don’t like how much they contrast, and I don’t like the fact that the covers don’t match the actual outlets. There has got to be a better choice–are there such things as stainless steel covers?

photo by Amoroso Design via Houzz

What is it about light blue tiles that just makes me swoon? They work beautifully with the chandelier!

photo by Feldman Architecture, Inc. via Houzz

I appear to have a thing for green tiles too…who knew? I would definitely consider this design in my kitchen…are you listening, Mark?

photo by BiglarKinyan Design via Houzz

online 3D decorating…

I just came across this very cool online interior decorating website–Decorate It Online. I live on my computer (which explains why I stared Nicole Jane Home), so I love the idea of being able to consult with a decorator online anytime I want.

They have varying levels of service and provide decorating advice and shopping lists. At a higher level, you can even get 3D pictures of the rooms you want to decorate. What a great idea!

Gotta love Before & After shots!!!

photo courtesy of Decorate It Online

photo courtesy of Decorate It Online

Here is a collection of some of the 3D photos they provide to clients based on questionnaires about personal likes/dislike and room dimensions.

photo courtesy of Decorate It Online

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