aqua robots…


Aqua Robots


Project 365 Photos: #32

I’m really inspired by colour. If I had a favourite colour, it would be aqua. Add robots to the mix, and I go crazy. When it comes to photographing, I’m instantly drawn to colours, like a crow that spots a fry from a mile away! The shoppers in the Whistler Lush store must have thought I was nuts shooting pictures of these adorable bath bombs–crazy tourist!!! Here’s a shout-out to the Lush girls, who helped me out with my photos! I’ve got a great one of Inka that I’ll profile tomorrow.

up in the clouds…


Blackcomb Panorama

Project 365 Photos: #31

What a treat! My daughter is still willing to be seen in public with me (sort of), so we decided to spend a couple of days skiing together in Whistler. This is the top of Blackcomb Mountain looking west over the Coastal Mountain range. Little did I know that we would have to feel our way down the mountain through that bank of fog when we were finished at the top for the day.

olympic whistler…

olympic rings

Olympic Whistler

Project 365 Photos: #30

I’ve gotta give some love to my i-phone! I caught the Olympic rings at Whistler this evening compliments of my phone! I never could have done that without a tripod and a lot of patience with my DSLR camera (the photographers among you are probably scoffing at me right about now). So here’s to you i-phone…you rock my world.

lofty light love…


lowly light love

Project 365 Photos: #29

When’s the last time this light fixture felt “the love”? Just look at all that dust!

When I’m photographing, I look for the “out-of-the-ordinary”, or unusual angles…just something interesting. I’m always looking up now, and I’ve nearly always got my camera with me so I can showcase the “mundane”. It’s just my little ol’ interpretation of art.

meter maid…


Accidental Tourist

Project 365 Photos: #28

Here’s a fun game. Scare motorists by taking pictures of expired parking meters! This couple thought they were going to be ticketed, so they came bolting out of a store to hop in their car. They didn’t speak English, but I could tell they were pleading for lenience. I did the mental math and chose to play the easiest card…”no, no…tourist…I’m just a tourist”.

It would have been pointless to launch into my shpiel, “I’m working on a project called 365 Photos, and I’m just taking my daily shots.” The minute you hang a camera around your neck, people assume you’re either a tourist or think you’re  some fancy-pants photographer. There’s just no fathoming that any middle-aged mom from the suburbs, in her right mind, would be downtown Vancouver photographing parking meters and fire hydrants–’cause that would be CRAY CRAY.

In Canada, the law permits you to photograph people in publicly-owned spaces without asking for their permission (but don’t rely on me, check it out for yourself). In this case, it wasn’t necessary to tell them I’m a blogger. If however, I spotted someone having a cup of coffee sitting outside a cafe, I’d be hard-pressed to walk up and snap their picture without asking their permission.


lavender latte…


Lavender Latte

Project 365 Photos: #27

Okay…I just have to say, this is the BEST liquid, I have ever put in my mouth!!!!! It’s a lavender latte made by Madina Cafe in Vancouver. I will dream about this cup of coffee ’til the day I die. I know. A bit over the top, but well worth the praise. I’ve eaten many times at this amazing Belgian restaurant, but I’ve never had a coffee beverage here before. I’ll never visit Vancouver without seeking out one of these drinks forever more.

Oprah drinks…


Oprah drinks!

Project 365 Photos: #26

Better late than never! For years, my BFF DeAnn and I have dreamed about travelling to Chicago to see the Oprah Winfrey. We each spent hours trying to phone the Oprah ticket number, with NO LUCK!!!

I gave up on the dream when Oprah retired her show, but a little while ago, DeAnn called to tell me that she was taking me to see our idol in Vancouver. She treated me to a bucket-list evening listening to one of the funniest, wisest women out there. We alternated between awe and laughter all night!

And when you’re going to see Oprah, you’ve just got to have cocktails before heading to the show!!!!!!

walk away…

stop sign

Walk Away

Project 365 Photos: #25

This picture makes me want to write a romantic story. There are a few emotional aspects to the photo that I like: single-purpose dogs focused on moving forward, couple looking in opposite  directions, symbolic “stop” sign. Hmmm…I have a good friend who is a wicked writer. I wonder if she could whip up the dialogue.

morning tulips…


Morning Tulips

Project 365 Photos: #24

Phew! The fog lifted and we have sunshine this morning! I no longer feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. These lovely tulips greeted me this morning and I couldn’t resist capturing their saturated colours. They’re sitting in an east-facing window that gets lots of sunlight, great for really early morning photos. Just used my kit Nikon 18-55 lens pretty close-up. No filters. No nothing.

I’m looking forward to the Skagit tulip festival coming in April! If you’ve never been to it, you really should go and see the miles and miles of gorgeous flowers.


saturated sunset…


saturated sunset

Project 365 Photos: #23

Imagine racing through pink fog across a peninsula to catch this glorious sunset. I managed to get my telephoto lens on just in time, and I had to pump up the ISO, so there’s a lot of noise in the photo, but what the heck! Believe it or not, I didn’t do any colour work in Photoshop!!!!


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