Sunshine Award Goodness…

‘Tis the season for awards! Yay. I was nominated for the Sunshine Blog Award, which is given to bloggers who are inspirational or positively creative. Wow! I’ll take it 🙂 Sending lots of love to Diary of a House Elf for the nomination. She’s an original thinker and hilarious story teller. Keep your words flowing sister blogger girl!!!

So now it’s my turn to spread a little Sunshine, which is laughable given the wet, grey state of affairs on the weather front here in Ocean Park, BC. Let’s just say, it ain’t no Mexico around here…sigh.

To accept this award, I get to:

  1. Blog a post linking back to the person/blog who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions below, and
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers and notify them of the award.

So here goes…

  1. Who is your favourite philosopher?…………Jalaluddin Rumi, who was a persian poet and mystic the 13th Century. He was a follower of the Sufi philosophy and his words are meant to help us live a meaningful life.
  2. What is your favourite number?………….I think it’s kinda silly to play number favourites.
  3. What is your favourite animal?………….I used to dislike dogs (I was scared), but now I love them. I also love the little birds who live in my back yard. I adore horses. I’m afraid of cows–don’t ask. Snakes are just not necessary AT ALL. Who doesn’t smile when they see a bunny?!
  4. What are your Facebook and Twitter links?………in another life I was Nicole Jane Home. Now I’m CoffeeandCouch……@coffeeandcouch
  5. What is your favourite time of day?………..late afternoon…especially on Saturdays with a vodka martini in hand.
  6. What is your favourite holiday?………..I’m ridiculously addicted to the spirit of Christmas….I can hear the bell ring….I still believe
  7. What is your favourite physical activity?…………I get such a high from the freedom that skiing gives me.
  8. What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?…………Skinny eggnog lattes….hands-down….’cause they make me feel Christmasy.
  9. What is your favourite flower?………..White orchids and white lillies.
  10. What is your passion?…………..My lovely husband and children, my extended family, my friends. Then there’s photography, painting, cooking, decorating, talking…and on and on. I can tell you what my passion is not….IRONING anything.

Now comes the really fun part…I get to nominate 10 other blogs that I love, for their inspiration and creativity. I encourage you to visit their sites too.

1.  Colored Brush….a gifted painter, who always makes me want to paint more. Definitely inspirational.

2. Grillfusion….Heather & Al’s blog is a wonderful ecclectic mix of photography, design, art, BBQ, wine…all the good things in life.

2. Oh Happy Day….If you love to hold parties and get misty-eyed just thinking of spending time on pretty lifestyle blogs, then you’ll LOVE Jordan’s blog. It’s full of DIY party ideas, photography, design, lifestyle…good stuff.

4. Geninne’s Art Blog…a gorgeous collection of arts and crafts. It makes me want to get out my pencil crayons and paper!

5.  Click It Up A Notch…a great resource for photography lovers. Definitely inspirational for my photography.

6. Birch & Bird…a wonderland of creative and beautiful vintagey wonderfulness.

7. Tracey Ayton Photography…I LOVE Tracey’s photographs. She is a really talented local photographer who is regularly featured in shelter magazines. I often look at her photos for inspiration to help make mine better.

8. The Design Pages…an endless source of creativity and inspiration. She always has new DIY projects on the go…I don’t know where on earth she gets her energy, but she’s got loads of it!

9. Moth Design….Erica is a talented Canadian design blogger. I had so much fun chatting with her at an event for the Canadian Design & Lifestyle Bloggers West last year in Vancouver. Her blog is full of design gorgeousness.

10. Hodge:podge…..Barbara’s blog is a Canadian design afficionado’s paradise. She puts the spotlight on the Canadian design scene through her prolific interviews with Canadian designers.

Wow, now I just want to spend the rest of the day reading all these wonderful blogs!!! Think I will…where’s my martini?


just plain fun…

I just came across this very cool website called Tagxedo where you can create the coolest artwork using words, poems, wedding vows, etc. I just fooled around with my business name and came up with this sweet little bird, but there is about a bazillion different things you can do on it.

I’m thinking this might be a great Christmas present. You can get t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters made up. I’m rubbing my hands together coming up with evil plots!!!!!

epicurean happenstance…

My photography course is turning out to be a wonderful excuse for a journey around some of Vancouver’s wonderful restaurants. After every class, my friend, Patty, and I hit a new restaurant for lunch. Today’s choice was a case of delightful happenstance. It was pouring rain and we struck out with our first and second choice restaurants, and just as we were looking for a spot to make a U-turn, there it was…Trafalgars Bistro. It’s tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood on 16th Avenue and I’m in love.

I ordered the Moules & Frites, and Patty ordered the Eggs Benedict on potato latkes with spinach and bacon. Halfway through the meal, we switched plates, so each of us had half of each dish. My family is wondering why I don’t feel like cooking dinner on Mondays!!!

My favourite dish was the Mussels & Fries, but I couldn’t get a decent picture, sorry. The mussels were drenched in a decadent creamy white wine broth filled with garlic and shallots. We soaked it up with french bread–out of this world. The fries were the best I’ve ever tasted. My only complaint was that the eggs were over-poached, but it was still a really tasty dish. The potato latkes were delicious.

Is it lunch time yet?

Of course it’s almost time for lunch and I’m going through photos that I took at an eatery the other day! I just don’t know why I can’t lose weight…duh!

I’ve got to give credit for finding Jethro’s Fine Grub to my pal, Patty Ripley, who spotted it on Dunbar in Vancouver on the way to our photography class. Of course, we just had to go there for lunch. I chowed down on the best catfish po boy I’ve ever had (okay…the ONLY catfish po boy I’ve ever had). It was a huge serving with a gorgeous greens salad. Yes…I ate the whole sandwich! The bun was unbelievably good.

Darn! Now I’m going to have to actually peel myself out of my office chair and go fix lunch. I guarantee my yogurt and fruit entree will not be nearly as good as Jethro’s grub.

news flash…

Yesterday was a very good day for Nicole Jane Home. A few fabulous bloggers mentioned my vintage skate ornaments post, and it gave a big boost to traffic on our site. So here’s a great big Thank You to my blogger friends: The Daily Basics, Jenny On The Spot and At Home With Kim Vallee. Gotta love blogging & twittering!!!

The Daily Basics

Reisenthel loop shopper…

I just sent this newsletter out to my subscribers. I’ve been giving the orange Loop Shopper a “test drive” for the past week. I was concerned that the handles might not be comfortable, but happily my hypothesis was completely wrong. It really is quite lightweight and the handles are comfortable over my arm or in my hands. The manufacturer claims that it fits over your shoulder, but I don’t find it easy to wear that way. The bag is quite spacious–last night I took it to an event where I was volunteering, and I tucked my purse, my coat and an extra pair of comfortable shoes in it. Most importantly (’cause let’s face it, I’m vain), I got lots of comments and questions about the bag.

keys to the fleas…

Ever dreamed of exploring Paris’ treasure-laden flea markets? Now it’s at the tip of your fingers with Claudia Strasser’s BRILLIANT new i-phone app called Key to the Fleas. Claudia draws from years of experience exploring all of Paris’ flea market delights to create this fantastic app. It just makes me want to drop my toilet-bowl scrubber and get myself on the next flight to Paris!!!

I’m just so impressed with how thorough Claudia’s guide is. She outlines all of the markets including addresses, dates, times, the most efficient itinerary for covering a lot of ground. She even offers up tips and contacts for shipping purchases back home. Her photo gallery is full of flea market eye-candy.

I wish I’d had this information the last time I was in Paris. It’s exactly the kind of “insider” knowledge that I crave for every city I visit.

GIVEAWAY: Claudia graciously gave me a copy of the application to review and one to give away to one of my readers. So, if you leave a comment below, you might win when I draw a name on Thursday, August 5.

By the way…Claudia’s blog, The Paris Apartment, is one of my absolute favorites! It’s full of wonderful photos and stories. And just in case you need an injection of GORGEOUS, Claudia’s book, The Paris Apartment: Romantic Decor on a Flea-Market Budget, is available through

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