beat it, seagull…



Project 365 Photos: #77

As much as I admire the wily street smarts of the cunning crow, I can’t say the same for the seagull–nature’s version of a wedding crasher. You suck, seagull. You’re an unabashed fish & chips thief!!!!!

You may have noticed that I’ve been annoyingly posting more than once a day. I beg your forgiveness. It’s not my intention to bog down your blog readers. I’m playing catch-up, ’cause I’m only at #77 and I started before New Year’s Day (over 100 days ago…can you believe it). Sort of reminds me of my days of skipping class at university (shhhhhh…don’t tell my teenagers I said that).

cherry extravaganza…



Project 365 Photos: #69

These glorious old trees line both sides of the street around the corner from my home. I love to pause as I walk across the street to get the full effect of this cherry extravaganza (they’re probably plum trees and I’m getting it completely wrong)! We’ve been lucky this year because it hasn’t been raining, and the blossoms get a chance to absolutely show off. How lucky am I?!

good eats…


Project 365 Photos: #65

Yesterday’s fieldtrip to Vancouver was an epicurean delight. I felt like a greedy pig when we finally packed up and returned home. Our first stop was Meat and Bread, where I had the most delicious fresh roasted porchetta sandwich. They double bake then chop up the crackling and sprinkle it on the roasted pork before placing it in the freshly-baked ciabatta buns slathered with salsa verde. Bliss. I guess this means I’m not vegetarian after all.


After lunch we stopped in at Revolver Coffee for some hand-brewed coffee that is absolutely de-li-cious! Such nice guys running the counters. It appears everyone in Gastown is super friendly, and a little bit hipster, true story!


And because all of that wasn’t enough, we popped in to Kerrisdale for a little taste of Paris at Faubourg. The orange, chocolate meringue tart was simply out of this world! Worth every expensive crumb!!!!!


art deco harbour…



Project 365 Photos: #56

When I spotted the harbour wall, I was impressed by the repeating pattern and the way the greens, blues and greys intermingled. It makes me think that someone put a lot of thought into beautifying Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, right down to the Art Deco detailing on the sea wall (I apologize to all the architects out there who are laughing hysterically at me for calling it Art Deco. I have no idea if it is or not…just a guess).


where have you been all my life…


Project 365 Photos: #54

When I downloaded my photos and saw this one, I was actually surprised to see the red-roofed building. I’ve never noticed it before, and I was  surprised that Vancouver has such an “historic” building. We’re not that old, after all. Wouldn’t you just love to see inside the top of the building? I wonder what fabulous interiors there are!

summer ghosts…


Summer Ghosts

Project 365 Photos: #52

You can almost see the ghosts from summers past sitting on the sidewalk engrossed in conversation and drinking lattes!

A few crocuses popped up in my garden this week, and I almost jumped for joy. It’s official…I made it through another blah January and February in one piece. Hallelujah! For those of you lucky enough to wake up to sunshine for most of the year, and might not get the reference about January and February, it rains, rains, rains, rains, here in the winter months.




In Vancouver…


Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC

Project 365 Photos: #51

Sometimes I have to stop and think about how beautiful my home is. I live about 1 hour’s drive south of Vancouver, BC, but I spend a lot of time in this beautiful city. There are so many amazing sights and truly gorgeous natural beauty. It takes my breath away. I love you Vancouver.


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