gritty street art…


street art

Project 365 Photos: #49

While shooting in Gastown, I popped my head around a corner and instantly got an eyeful of the underbelly of Vancouver street life that’s always lurking on the edges. As I stood there taking photos, my heart broke as I watched the sad drug-addled souls suffering in the alley right beside me.

I was struck by the gritty portrait of the odd bearded man.

flatiron beauty…


Gastown Flatiron

Project 365 Photos: #48


It’s a blustery cold morning here in South Surrey, BC, and it took all the strength I could muster to climb out of bed after hitting the snooze button about a dozen times–always pushing the limit. If I forecast a few years down the line, I can see myself sleeping in until 11 a.m. every morning ’cause I don’t have any kids to drop off at school (nobody tell my husband I said that). But I’ll miss them dearly, unless, of course, they’re still in our darkened family room playing video games at the age of 25, and then I will be plotting their demise!!!!

But I digress…

The photo was snapped in Gastown, Vancouver on Saturday evening. I just love flatiron buildings. They class up a city instantly, and give it a little Parisian flare. N’est-ce pas?


how little i know about you…


Gastown Nightlife

Project 365 Photos: #47

Gastown is one of my favourite places to visit in Vancouver, BC. It’s all vintagey and historic–awesome photo fodder. It’s also one of the hottest up-and-coming hipster neighbourhoods in Canada.

We decided to take the kids clothes shopping yesterday, and headed into Vancouver. My 13-year-old daughter wanted to hit the big Pacific Centre mall with me (yuck…I detest shopping), but my 16-year-old son scoffed at that and chose instead to head for Gastown with his “square” dad. He never believes his dad when he tells him about all the cool stores and restaurants he knows in the area (his office is only blocks away). So it’s no surprise that his mind was completely blown by the time Jane and I met up with them again.

After the kids had their fill of shopping, we stuck around Gastown for some dinner and nightlife. Mark and I couldn’t stop chuckling about how little our kids know about us. We’ve got some groove, baby!

Critical Footnote:

This morning we were talking about how little our kids know about us again, and my hubby drops this bomb…

Mark: Jen, do you know who did this song originally (Debra Harry’s “One Way of Another” was playing on the radio)?

Jen: Of course, Blondie. Debra Harry is still one of the coolest artists out there.

Mark: I met her once.

Jen: What?!?!

Mark: Yeah. When I was working in New York, I met her.

Jen: How come you never mentioned that?

Mark: I don’t know.

Jen: Exactly when and where? I need details!!!!!!!

Mark: I don’t know. Probably in some meeting, but  a guy I work with has been to her house.

Jen: WTF?!!!!

Mark: Yeah. He’s in a punk band.

Jen: WTF?!?!? When I ask you how your day is, this is EXACTLY the type of detail that should be shared with me. Not, “I had a really good sushi roll for lunch.”!!!!!!


pilfered primulas…


pilfered primulas

Project 365 Photos: #46

Here’s another photo I swiped out of my BFF’s (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 4) garden. Thank goodness she’s so creative, or I’d have a hard time coming up with stuff on my own. Bah ha ha ha ha!!!!!

stalker blossoms…


Project 365 Photos: #45

I’ve got a nefarious streak running deep in my veins. It appears I’m willing to take wild risks for a shot! After a fruitless search for signs of spring around my little neighbourhood village, I performed an act of complete desperation, and flat-out sneakiness. I crept into my green-thumbed, somewhat nymph-like, think-she-speaks-to-plants, BFF’s garden, and snapped away without detection or consciense.

Normally, not a big deal, if you ask me, but it just so happens that she’s an awesome photographer with a blog of her own that needs to be fuelled daily too (check her out at Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 4). However, she kinda owes me for sticking a rather humungous paper machier male body part in my front garden in the wee hours of the morning after my 40th birthday party (thank heaven my husband gets up early on weekends to retrieve the newspaper…yikes). Hmmmmm…I don’t think we’re even YET!!!

Most importantly, I got a picture of the only freaking flower blossoms in Ocean Park. Winning!!!!

drama orchid…


Drama Orchid

Project Photos: #44

today my computer decided to pack it in! Super frustrating ’cause it’s not even a year old. Considering my complete and utter addiction to computer time, this is proving to be challenging. I have been forced to actually open the door to my 16-year-old son’s bedroom and tip-toe inside, whilst holding my nose and trying not to step on questionable things that might contaminate my feet. I’m almost certain there are biohazards in that room.

Once inside the vortex, I found his laptop and whisked it downstairs to my spot on the couch, only to discover that the “t” key doesn’t work. Every freaking time you see a “t” in this post, I have cut & pasted it in place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the coffee pot better no break down, or I might just have to be admitted to a psychiartric hospital.

tipsy lemon meringue pie…


Tipsy Pie

Project 365 Photos: #42 & #43

Hang on…just have to unbutton my jeans.

Almost too fat to post today!!!! I’ve eaten so much lemon meringue pie that I kinda don’t ever want to eat pie again. Bah…that’ll wear off in a couple of days and I’ll be right back to my old pie-o-phile self  (almost didn’t put “that” word in the post…I think you know why).

I’ve got a long, sordid history with pies. My husband loves them, but I’ve been a lousy pie baker, like forever! One morning, years ago, I might have even thrown the third batch of pie dough in-a-row across our apartment so hard that it hit the living room wall where it exploded. All I heard was my hubby putting down his newspaper, and asking if everything was alright. No, it bloody wasn’t (keep in mind I have the temper that goes along with red hair)!!!

Fast forward to this weekend when I discovered a brilliant recipe for tender, tasty, fool-Jennifer-proof pie crust dough. Secret ingredient…no wonder I love it….VODKA!!!!! Apparently, too much water makes pie dough tough ’cause it promotes the formation of proteins (um…I think). But too little water makes it IMPPOSSIBLE to roll the dough out, and it ends up flying through rooms. So the answer appears to be vodka, which doesn’t allow the chemical bonds to form, and quite a bit of it evaporates in the baking process. Et voila!!!!

You’ll find the recipe on here. My own personal tip…use a double-insulated metal pie pan or tart pan (which is what I used). No soggy pies.


Vodka Pie Crust



serenity now…


serenity now

Project 365 Photos: #42

After a stressful day, I can always find relaxation behind my camera lens. When I’m styling a photo, I have to use all my concentration and imagination, so I can’t think of anything else. Thank goodness, ’cause I’ve had–in the lyrics of Pink’s latest song–a shit day!!!!!

your turn…


Grade 11 Math Hell

Project 365 Photos: #40

Have you tried to help a teenager with grade 11 math lately? Me neither!!!!! I know my limitations. My son is studying tonight, and I happened to spot his open textbook. I literally shuddered when I saw the words, “Your Turn”. This is stuff that I still have nightmares about.

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