green up…

Saturdays around here are usually a pretty lazy affair. We spend a lot of time on our computers and drinking coffee. Usually we only rouse ourselves for a good walk. This morning we headed to Campbell Valley Park in Langley, BC, not far from where we live. It’s a multi-use park for people, dogs and horses. I quite often go through the park on horse back, but I also really enjoy the 29 kilometres of trails on foot, especially when I get to see my very, very, very happy dog enjoying herself. Today I was blown away by how much everything is starting to “green” up. The buds are just on the brink of bursting on all the trees. We saw lots of ducks and birds, but no squirrels or deer this time. I’m grateful for those who came before us and recognized the importance of keeping this little natural oasis in our growing community.

mixed feelings…

We climbed in the car and bombed down to Portland, Oregon for a few days this week. We’re back now, and I’m trying to untangle my thoughts about the trip. Before going, I heard so much about how wonderful Portland is and how much of a creative vibe it’s got going on. And indeed, there is a fun funky feel to the city and loads of very friendly people. However, it is overshadowed by a surprising number of homeless people scratching out a devastating existence on the streets, and aggressive panhandling is rampant on just about every corner. It’s such a shame, because otherwise, it’s the type of place I could visit over and over without ever getting bored. Maybe I’m just not used to it. Lots of other people seemed to be working and thriving in this city full of epicurean delights and creative libations. It’s ironic that I feel 100 times safer when I visit New York City. I think this is something that I’ll be pondering and talking about for a while. Nontheless, there was beauty and interesting elements everywhere I looked, and I hope you enjoy my birds-eye view.

breathing space…


How can you tell I’ve been spending time at White Rock Beach lately? I promise. When the sun shows itself, I’ll get photos of all the trees that are starting to bloom and the crocuses that are poking up through the dirt. I’m crossing my fingers that the rest of Spring Break will bring loads of sunshine!!!! I’m crossing my eyes and toes too.


whistle blower…


Nope! I’m not standing on the tracks! I learned my lesson about two years ago, when I underestimated the speed at which a slow train is actually travelling. I heard the whistle blow, but couldn’t see the train around the bend about 5 blocks away. So I figured I had enough time to set up my tripod on the grass beside the track and get out of the way. Not so much. I literally jumped down off the side of the track just as the train reached me and felt the suction of air as it went past. A stupid, stupid, stupid mistake that will never be repeated. I’m actually hanging over the railing on the left side when I took this photo. Sadly, we lost a young woman jogger who crossed in front of a train on this track last year, just behind where the train is in this picture. It’s nothing to fool around with, for sure.


who loves ya, baby…



Canada! Who loves you, baby? I sure do. You’re my true north, strong and free. You’re a safe harbour and a protector of what’s right in the world. You’ve got great views and even better people! I’m proud to call you home, sweet home.




I don’t normally post photos from my iphone, but this was just one of those shots worthy of discussion! White Rock has been a miserable, cold, soppy, soggy mess this week, so it was very exciting when the sun showed up for a spectacular slice through the sky for a few minutes before it set today. It was like a blindingly brilliant window into heaven.

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