frownie face…

Imagine a big frown on my face. I had to make a tough choice and just sent out an email to all my customers informing them that I have closed the U.S. side of my business. It’s just far too expensive to ship to the U.S. and the exchange rates and duties don’t help either. I’m sad to say goodbye to my friends to the south, but it had to be done. I’m still serving all my Canadian customers as usual though. I’m sure hoping that everyone will stay connected with me through social media though. I’m always here or on Facebook (Nicole Jane Home), Twitter ( and Pinterest (Nicole Jane Home).

Who's Nicole Jane?…

Well I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but she’s not me. She’s my company’s name. After months of writing this blog, I just realized that there isn’t any place to find out who I am or what my name is. Bad blogger! Bad blogger! Must talk to my tech team and get that sorted out.

My name is Jennifer Findlay, and I own Nicole Jane Home. My daughter’s name is Jane and we share the middle name, Nicole. I think I might have made a mistake naming the business, though, ’cause everyone–and I mean everyone–calls me Nicole. Even my girlfriends think it is riotously funny to say, “Hi Nicole…” when they call me.

Not that I mind being called Nicole, it’s just that I really think that people like to know who they’re talking to (whether it’s email, blogs, Twitter, etc.), and they want the straight goods on your name.

I’m a middle-aged decor fanatic and I started my business two years ago, because I thought Canada needed a good source online (we really didn’t have much going online at that time…we’re getting there). Little did I know that my American friends would make up 90% of my business (consider yourself wrapped in a big ‘ol Canadian bear hug).

I’m married to an arm-chair comedien, Mark, and we have two great kids–Sam & Jane. I try not to write too much stuff about the kids, ’cause they get really cheesed, and the internet is still such a wide-open arena–you get my drift.

If you asked me what a blog was eight months ago, I would have said, “…a muddy hole in a swamp?” If you asked me what Twitter was eight months ago, I would have said, “…is that the guy who always cuts me off at the cross-walk?” At least I knew what Faceboook is, but I don’t go on it much now that they got rid of Scrabulous–bastards!

If you’re sick of my rants, blame my husband…yeah, the hilarious guy! He dragged me kicking and screaming into the world of technology and made me sit in my desk chair and learn all about it. I could just kiss him for that, but I won’t ’cause I kissed him yesterday, and that’s enough for one week!

I’m having a blast getting to know the blogging and Twittering worlds out there. So far, my experience has been so positive and it just reinforces what I’ve always thought–we’re all the same out there, and we’re really interested in each other. For those of you who haven’t tried Twitter yet–do it. It’s much more instantaneous, and it’s fascinating. You can follow me on Twitter @nicolejanehome.

mother's day giveaway…

I’m giving away the cutest matching April Cornell mother & daughter aprons for Mother’s Day. This time, I’m asking participants to Direct Message (DM) me on Twitter. If you’ve never been on Twitter, there’s no better time–it’s incredible to share your thoughts, news, interests, business with Tweets all over the world–it’s fun and inspiring.

Follow me @nicolejanehome on Twitter and direct message me “Mothers Rock!”. I’ll be making a draw for the winner on Mother’s Day–Sunday May 9, 2010.

blushing pink…

Ahhh…pink…what’s not to love. Last week somebody on Twitter told me that not all people love pink–incredible! I know, I know…I’ve gushed about pink before, but this time, I need your advice (more on that later). The clematis vines covering a trellis and our garage roof are just about to burst. In about two weeks, it will be a sea of blush pink blossoms, and I’ll be able to happily stare out the kitchen window and take in the beautiful site while doing the dishes (ugh). Until then, I’ll just have to entertain myself with these gorgeous images!!!

SIDE BAR: I get the Bad Mother award for just sneaking in to my daughter’s Easter egg stash and swiping a bunny! Don’t judge me…writing takes energy! I swore I’d only eat the ear, but I’m halfway down the face now! I must be stopped.

If you want to buy flowers in Jackson Hole Wyoming, I think you should call Lily & Co. If these bouquets are any indication of their designs, I’m sold!! I wonder if they deliver to l’il ol’ Surrey, B.C.?

photo courtesy Lily & Co.

Wouldn’t your morning be so much more exciting if you were greeted by this in the kitchen? Even better if it had a sparkly iced Pop Tart in it!!! Amazon sells them for $172.

SIDE BAR: Feeling sick from all the chocolate. Shouldn’t have typed in “Pop Tart“…oh boy!

photo by Amazon

This sweetheart mixing bowl would look just perfect on my counter filled with cookie dough.

SIDE BAR: What is wrong with me? I can’t stop writing about sweet stuff. Could it be karma? (shudder)

photo via Torrie Jayne

This is where you come in with heaps of help.

Just spoke to one of my sales reps and I’m thinking about bringing in these french glasses by La Rochere. What do you think? Bet they’d look stunning with some of our Apri Cornell linens…or even a brown paper bag! Love ’em, but need your advice…should I carry them? Do you love ’em or would you leave ’em? Which size do you prefer? I don’t know what they retail for but I don’t think they’re terribly cher.

This is me at my house getting ready for my wedding 21 years ago. Take that Barbie!

SIDE NOTE: Do you think somebody can go to heck if they steal their children’s Easter bunny and lie about what they look like?

photo via Wedding Inspirasi

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