pretty in pink…


pink pedaller

Project Photo 365: #350

True story! This lovely Pretty in Pink pedal car was the prize for a fundraising auction at a local toy shop. I fell in love the minute I saw her sitting in the shop window, so, of course, I entered a bid. I told one of my BFF’s about this delightful car, and she thought it would be hil-ar-ious to go and outbid me….without any intention of buying it. When she told me, I was forced to return to the shop and outbid her, ’cause she whined and whined about it. She made me pay $20 more than my original bid!!!!!!!

BFF…I know you’re reading this. You owe me some suds at the pub!!!!!!!!

candle in the window…


candle burning

Project Photo 365: photo #353

My daughter and I have a little tradition. We like to grab cups of coffee/hot chocolate and take long drives around the neighbourhood listening to music. We’re usually trying to see who can sing hip hop songs in the best “church lady” voice.

The other day, I pulled over and snapped a quick shot of Jane’s favourite house. She has loved this home since she was just a wee toddler sitting in her car seat. It’s very unique for our neighbourhood. It looks like a home that has been plucked off the east coast and set down amongst the cedar trees on the west coast. It couldn’t be more perfect with the little candles burning in the windows.

Photo 355…


Get Over It

Project: Photo 365

I’m that person! The one who just can’t let go of Christmas. In a rush to put up lots of decorations real early. Slow to take them all down again. If I wasn’t married, I’d probably leave them up all year long!!!!!

It’s a two-fer day: two shots on one day. I couldn’t help fooling around with this shot in Photoshop. I blew out the exposure; pumped up the saturation; et voila.

I love my pretty pink lights and they make awesome bokeh!


A whimsical coincidence. The title of this post is Photo 355, and this the the 355th post I’ve blogged over the past two years!


Photo 356…


India Ink


Project 365:

Do you remember blowing India ink with a straw to make pictures of trees in grade school? This is my special “go-to” tree at Crescent Beach, and at this time of the year, denuded of all foliage, it brings to mind my childhood art projects. I’ve been thinking about doing some India ink art work on top of water coloured paper for some time now. Perhaps the universe is sending me a cosmic reminder me to pull out my art supplies!

Photo 357…


Mink Cappuccino


Project Photo 365:

I can hear a faint knocking in my head. The sound of my annual post-Christmas funk trying to get in.

The lead up to Christmas gets me all wound up with excitement (I could be Clark Griswold’s sister), and then my battery runs out and I crash. But this year, I was smart. I planned ahead, and I think I may have beat the blues at their own game.

I turned up the volume on my vitamin D dosage–if you live in the gloomy Pacific Northwest, you know why–and I’ve been working out at the gym regularly since July. So even though it’s January, and I am having a pout because Christmas is over, I’m pretty sure it won’t turn into a full-blown tantrum! Cross your fingers.


Photo 359…


Farewell 2012

Project 365:

Time to officially say goodbye to 2012. Today I’m taking down the Christmas tree and packing away all our precious decorations. My mother always took down our childhood trees on New Year’s Day, when my sisters and I were busy being lazy. She didn’t want us to have to say goodbye to the magic, so she did it quietly on her own. I’m carrying on that tradition and not requiring anything chore-like from my kids today.

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