Weight Watchers, donuts, the Eagles, Le Crueset…

What do they all have in common? ME! This is just so typical of me that it’s ridiculous. Last week I joined Weight Watchers ‘CAUSE IT’S TIME, BABY!!! I guess I figured the 15th time around is the lucky one!

So I pay my dues, read the literature, drink a glass of wine and promptly decide to make homemade donuts. (“But my blog followers are depending on me to make donuts, Mark!”)

Due to my poorly conceived plan, the universe promptly paid me back by planting a virus in my boyfriend, Timothy B. Schmidt, of the Eagles, and their concert was canceled.

photo courtesy Timothy B. Schmidt's website

That’s right…I had tickets to that concert! Now where am I going to wear my new sequined tube top? How am I going to hook up with Tim, now? His tour keeps him really busy, so we never get to see each other! (Yeah…sure…that’s me with a blonde wig…now you can see why I need WW’s)

courtesy Patricia Field

Oh…don’t cry for me my friends. It didn’t take long to compensate. I promptly justified spending the ticket money on a ridiculously expensive Le Crueset Dutch oven. Hey…if you’re frying donuts and getting over a man, you have to have a fancy shmancy pot!

Yeah, yeah…I know…I’m married to a saint! But just so ya know, I did make it clear to Mark–a long time ago–that if Timothy, or Sting, for that matter, comes to the door looking for me, I’m outta here! He seems oddly okay with that.

So I went to The Pioneer Woman and followed Ree Drummond’s recipe–Homemade Glazed Doughnuts–with a fine-toothed comb. I’ve gotta say, there is something just so satisfying about dropping rings of dough into hot oil–what’s that all about? For my first attempt at donuts, they weren’t too bad, but I would add more sugar and salt to the batter next time.

My extended family gathered at our house for a BBQ (my shattered sister flew down to Vancouver just to see said Eagles) just in time to smell the divine scent of freshly glazed donuts! And yes, my son’s possee of longboarding punks did show up to shovel down some donuts.

Hey, Timothy. When we’re hungry, donuts–not love–will keep us alive. Check your call display and hit reply!

shades of aqua Easter…

Easter makes me feel like redecorating! Let’s face it…every season makes me feel like redecorating.

This year, I’m really digging the color aqua (I was born in ’64…so it’s authentic when I say “dig it”), so Easter 2010 is “Seaside Chic” at the Findlay estate (bah ha ha ha). This epiphany came to me when I flipped open my crisp, new copy of Canadian House & Home magazine, which I relish with a piping hot cup o’ coffee and my two cuddly dogs.

C & C design editor, Stephanie White, came up with these gorgeous painted jars, and I fell instantly in love. They’re so sweet. She recommends using a florists water tube on the end of flower stems if you want to use them as vases. I’m thinking they’d look pretty sharp with tea lights flickering in them too (not sure if acrylic paint is flammable though).

photo courtesy Canadian House & Home magazine

Here are the paint colours she recommends, from left to right: Seascape Green (156-4) | Delicate Petal (407-2) | Frosty Glade (456-4) | Idyllic Isle (254-4) | Cathedral Glass (455-5) | Seascape Green (156-4) all Pittsburgh Paints.

I wonder if I could build a new dining room, wallpaper it in fabulous paper, and reupholster my dining room chairs by Easter…hmmm. In case I haven’t said it before (about a zillion times), Sarah Richardson is Canadian royalty!!!!! She should have been included in the opening ceremonies for the Olympics!

courtesy of Sarah Richardson's Design Inc.

When I was in Seattle last week, I stopped in at Sur La Table (drooool) by Pike’s Place Market and spotted this lovely piece of epicurean delight–Le Crueset’s Carribean-color French oven. I think it would be perfect for a little Easter weekend lamb stew!!!

This is my celadon-colored Sophie Conran tableware, which I absolutely adore. I’ll probably mix it up a little with some of my aqua & chocolate brown damask placemats–ooh la la. I admit it, I’m a shameless saleswoman! I’m a walking, talking Nicole Jane Home endorsement advertisement! I must be stopped!

photo by Reinier De Smit for Nicole Jane Home

Nicole Jane Home

OPI‘s Breath of Life is such a gorgeous color. Perfect for an Easter pedicure and then open-toed sandals for the rest of the season!

photo courtesy O.P.I

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