sunshine yellow…

Ever since Nyla Free sent me a teaser of the design she’s cooking up for my living room, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the color yellow.

It could also have something to do with the fact that it just can’t stop raining in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m craving a little sunshine…correction…a truck-load of sunshine. So consider this my sundance…’cause I’m just not willing to go out and dance on my front lawn in the rain!!!

courtesy Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25 via Houzz

courtesy Jennifer Brouwer via Houzz

courtesy Sarah Richardson

courtesy Donna Griffith for Style At Home magazine

courtesy of Virginia MacDonald for Style At Home magazine

courtesy Kim Christie for Canadian House & Home magazine

Don’t you just love that painting by Bobbi Burgers? She’s one of my FAVE artists.

shine never gets old…

Dear Silver,

Don’t go changing, to try and please me. You never let me down before. Don’t imagine you’re too familiar, and I don’t see you any more!

Forever yours,


Some things just never go out of style, and silver is on top of the list! I always follow trends with interest, but I don’t always go along when things are declared “over”. Although the design pundits declare it “in” and “out” regularly, it really never goes out of style. I figure, if you love it, then it’s in style…at least at your home it is!

(Nobody panic! Silver has not been deemed “out”. I’m just sayin’, if that were to happen, I’d have to deem “them” stupid.)

photo courtesy Coburn Architecture

photo courtesy Laura Hardin via Houzz

photo by Designs by Shoshana via Houzz

photo courtesy Country Living

photo by Amoroso Design via Houzz

photo by Celia James via Houzz

photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

Call me crazy, but I doubt everyone is going to freak out and change all their fixtures to bronze, just because someone decides chrome is so “last season”. In my opinion (and really that’s all that matters, right?), I think silver is a versatile neutral that packs a style punch!

cocktail table love…

How’s your relationship with your coffee table…er….cocktail table (pssst…that’s what they’re being called now)? Love it? Sick of it?

There’s nothing like an interesting table to set the tone for an entire room.  I’ve learned a few things about cocktail tables: (1) Make sure the table isn’t much higher than your seating, otherwise it will look odd and out of sync with everything else. (2) A mirrored-top table can’t be beat, in my humble opinion. They’re just so fabulous for reflecting candlelight, flowers and decorative pieces (and you’ll spot that spinach in your teeth lickity-split).  (3) keep the scale of your furniture and the structural elements in the room in mind when you choose a table. Don’t fall for that precious little number with waif-thin legs if your sofa is huge and you’ve got cathedral ceilings and  a gothic fireplace–like the Bat Cave.

Here are a few that I think stand on their own (wow…now that’s one four-legged pun)! Maybe I’ll get one for Mother’s Day…doubt it!

photo by Jean Randazzo for Kishani Perera

Forget the table…I want the ENTIRE room. I love Kishani Perera‘s designs. You should take a look at her fabulous portfolio and DROOOOOL!!!!

photo by Jean Randazzo for Kishani Perera

The wall treatment and chairs aren’t my cup of tea, but I think the tables are fabulous. I can see them working in lots of designs.

photo by Usona via Houzz

I think this table is tres chic n’est-ce pas? It’s a coffee table with built-in gas fireplace. I love it. Is that a pool? I’m in! Packing my bags right now…gotta go!

photo courtesyPlanika Fires

This is such a great cocktail table. It can be dressed up or down according to your lifestyle. A friend of mine has one like this, and she always uses a massive reclaimed wood tray to serve cocktails and appetizers. It’s always so inviting. I’m lovin’ the quilted lacquer side table by the chair too.

photo courtesy Elle Decor

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny it sets the tone in the room. I personally love it ’cause it speaks volumes about the homeowners–they’re not afraid to be different, they don’t take themselves too seriously, they’re creative and bold. Oh…yeah…and it PINK!!!!! Swooooon.

photo courtesy House & Home

Remember: If you want to visit any of the sites, just click on the pictures 🙂

nautical know-how…

Know how I know it’s almost Summer? Nautical-themed designs start popping up! I’m not a huge fan of theme designs, ’cause they can be WAY over done and look matchy-matchy. Just one too many lighthouses or (gulp) seagulls , and nautical becomes “no, no, please no”. Designers who can take a tricky theme and give it a subtle treatment get my stamp of approval.

I love the simplicity of this DIY rope treatment for a table lamp that was demonstrated on House & Home’s online TV show. I also love the retro wallpaper pictures–easy peasy to make and just the right degree of campy nautical. As for the pillow–very cute, but too fussy to make. I’d just go out and buy one.

(remember: if you click on the photos you’ll go right to the URL for the source).


photo courtesy House & Home online TV

This room doesn’t actually have anything overtly nautical. Instead, it suggests the theme with the standing lamp, the dark navy, light blue and off-white color treatment. The stripes and the dots also give it that cruise liner feel. I could do without the birds on the wall, but hey…if sea birds are your thang, go for it.

photo via Houzz by Celia James

If anything says nautical, it’s a room by Ralph Lauren Home. It’s that wonderful mix of navy blue, white, wicker and reclaimed timber! Makes you think of the old tall ships with rakish men wearing blowsy sleeves and looking toward the horizon with furled brows. Of virtuous women with long curly auburn hair blowing in the sea breeze with unfurled corset laces ….I should write a Harlequin romance! Wow!

Notice how there’s only one sailboat reference, not fifteen?

photo courtesy Ralph Lauren Home

Restoration Hardware is no slouch when it comes to nautical either. Although it’s not really subtle, the theme isn’t garish, so they pass muster (get it?). (I can hear their designers shaking their heads and sighing at my complete lack of insight! I get it, you’re trying to sell gorgeous products. I’m a retailer too…we should do coffee!)

Their nautical lighting is over-the-top beautiful, and I love the combination of “reclaimed” wood and shuddered doors on the cabinet. I must have that desk!!! Anyone got about $20K I can have? Huh? Come on.

photo courtesy Restoration Hardwar

Country Living and nautical seems to like an oxymoron to me, but it works. Perhaps a titch overboard (Get it? See how easy it is to get carried away and just become annoying?), but I like elements in the room. The zebra print footstool keeps it from getting kitchy, but I’d lose the framed poster and the lifebouy pillow. I’d probably substitute with the DIY wallpaper prints (see above) and anchor pillow. I’d also add some silver sea life from my own store, Nicole Jane Home .

photo courtesy Country LIving

photo courtesy Nicole Jane Home

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