lazy saturdays…

I love to stay in my pajamas and while away my time on Saturdays (or, frankly, any day of any week, anytime)! Usually it’s a matter of not being able to peel myself away from my laptop and drinking two pots of coffee, while the house collapses in mayhem around me. I figured that I spent my thirties and early forties cleaning and organizing and ironing and cooking (I can hear my sisters spitting out their tea)–now it’s time for me! That sounds drastic, but it only really happens a few times a year that I don’t have to be somewhere, drop off somebody, pick up somebody, buy something, do something, or make something on a Saturday.

Today, I decided to catch up on some amazing blogs that I haven’t visited in a while. I saw a beautiful mantel display on one, so I decided to drag out my neglected camera and relearn how to set it up!

My house looks pretty clean, right? WRONG. That’s why you’ll only see the fireplace from the waist up. Below, it’s a frightening collection of dog toys, magazines, socks and dust bunnies the size of a small dog.

summer sale…

Wooohooo!!! It’s almost time for my storewide summer sale with 50% discounted at check out! And here’s the cheesiest line of all…”Hurry while quantities last!” That one always makes me chuckle when I see it in advertising.

win bespoke cushions…

Good news! I’m giving away a set of NJH Bespoke cushions to one lucky winner on July 10! They’re worth over $340!!! It’s super easy to enter the draw. All you need is have a Facebook account and hop over to the Nicole Jane Home Facebook page and….

Oh…and I’m giving the people who “like” the Nicole Jane Home Facebook page a 10% discount on all purchases until July 10. That’s on top of our regular FREE SHIPPING over $30. All the details are on the page.

trinkets and treasures…

As promised, here are some more sneak peaks from the NYIGF last week.

One of the absolute standouts for me was Roost’s recycled paper dog. I don’t know what it is, but I’m just drawn to that mutt. I think I might bring them in to Nicole Jane Home and see if anyone else loves them as much as I do (if I can bare to actually sell them and not keep them all for myself).

Blue and amethyst are still strong design color, and I just loved this display. The lamp was gorgeous, even though my crummy photography doesn’t really show it off properly. Give me a break…I had to take pictures rather quickly and discreetly, if you know what I mean…

I fell in love with these pillows. They’re Australian lambs wool. Hmmm…I just realized I had a bad case of “missing my babies” while we were in NYC (let’s be absolutely clear about this…I meant my dogs, not the kids!!!!). Pious Mark, is accusing me of being an unfit mother for saying that. What a hypocrite…he didn’t miss them either.

Besides…my dear wise blog followers know me, and know what kind of selfless, generous, caring, loving mother I really am. In other words, you know I’m a smart-ass, wise-cracking, sarcastic, tongue-in-ample-cheek, doesn’t-mean-a-word-of-it mother.

I have a thing about glassware, and these glasses were gorgeous. They had a great weight and little air bubbles throughout the glass.

I always have to be mindful about choosing the right products for shipping throughout North America (read: packages involved in epic postal football games). Last Christmas we experienced disastrous results shipping glass ornaments, so this year, I’m looking for stylish but sturdy!

So there you have it. A few of my favorite things…now it’s just a matter of matching my desires with my budget. Ugh!!!

new sheets…

I finally splurged on a new set of bed sheets and I’m in LOVE. I popped in to one of my favorite local home decor stores, Housewarmings (I know…I own a home decor store…but I don’t carry bedding!), and picked up a set of the most wonderful white Highland Feather bamboo sheets. I raced home, popped them in the washing machine, and then made my bed. When I jumped…er…gracefully laid down on the bed, it was divine! Bamboo is just soooo soft. I don’t know how well they wear, but for now…perfection. Go get yourself some bamboo!

cheers to Julie and Julia…

I was just watching Julie & Julia for the third time (bad idea after you eat only yogurt and granola for dinner), when I noticed something trivial but exciting. I bought the same deep burgandy wine glasses that Julie and her husband always drink wine with. I haven’t listed  them on Nicole Jane Home yet, but I will.

photo by Reinier deSmit

the verdict is in…

I peeled open my Amazon package in glee last week. Inside were the two books that I mentioned in an earlier post–The Well-Dressed Home & Glamour Making It Modern. I have wanted to read them for a while now, and I finally found some time!

I am really enjoying The Well-Dressed Home, by Annette Tatum. It’s full of eye-candy photos and wonderful inspiration boards. Annette takes a unique approach to interior design by encouraging people to look in their own closets for inspiration. She recommends going well beyond “the box” to define your personal design style. Look at your clothes, your accessories, fashion shows, music, etc.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to pull on some old jeans and a white t-shirt, you’re probably happiest in a casual decor. If you love to wear cashmere and silk, Annette would probably recommend a formal gilded damask theme for your home. Likewise, if you love the hottest clothing designers, you’re probably someone who should be shopping at EQ3 for that “it” chair.

The whole idea is to pin down your personal style, whether it’s clothing or home decor. I’m not finished the book yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing how she brings it altogether and helps me figure my style.

I give this book a thumbs up. The cover itself is worth the price! I love just seeing it on my coffee table every time I walk into the living room. Gotta love gold and turquoise!

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