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Project 365 Photos: #70

I got a little sidetracked by the good weather and school Spring Break last week, so I have to make up for the photos I didn’t post. Otherwise, I’ll never make it to 365 in time for the New Year!!! Bear with me, folks.

This is the lone tulip that is about to burst open in my garden. Kind of pathetic standing all alone.


black gold compost…

I have been on the lookout for a good composting system, and I think I found one at Lee Valley Tools–a fantastic Canadian catalogue company specializing in gardening and woodworking supplies. Now I just have to convince the hubby that the $185 price tag is worth it…pray for me and the environment!

photo courtesy Lee Valley Tools

My dad has a reputation for being a great gardener. When I was growing up, we had a small hobby farm, and most of it was taken up by lush green lawns, massive flower beds, and vegetable gardens that he lovingly tended to every weekend. His next-door buddy ran a commercial nursery, so Dad was always growing hanging baskets in the greenhouses. Every corner of every building sprouted a hanging basket with cascading waves of fuschia flowers every Spring. Don’t tell anyone, but I loved to go around popping open the new buds before they were ready–bad girl!!!

The secret to my dad’s enviable garden? “Black Gold”, as he referred to it. It was the thick, black, moist soil he collected from the back-yard composter. It’s nature’s brilliant system for turning waste into garden nourishment!

photo via The Mutt

I looked up “composting” on the Composting Council of Canada’s website, and I was amazed that they estimate 50 percent of our “waste stream” could be composted. That would greatly ease the strain on our landfills and supercharge the fertility of our soil–a win/win situation!!

Do you know what I want to grow with some of my Black Gold? POPCORN!!!!

Who knew you could grow your own popcorn? Okay…everybody but me! I love the idea of planting popcorn seeds and harvesting a crop in the late summer. Imagine how good it would taste. Imagine how clever you would feel. Imagine the look of envy and admiration on your friends’ faces when you serve homegrown popcorn as an entree…oh yes, I will! I’ll bring it up a notch by making my own butter to put on the popcorn too! Mwah ha ha ha ha.

There are tonnes of online reference sites for how to grow popcorn. There are lots of seed sources too. I just looked up some interesting seed on Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.

I’m laughing as I write this, ’cause it just occured to me that perhaps you need quite a bit of space to grow corn, and I live in a suburban area in a subdivision. Hmmm…my neighbours would have a bird if I planted corn in the front garden! I do have a rather frustrating area in my back garden that would probably look great filled with tall corn stalks.

garden fresh…

I felt completely sorry for myself today, so I went looking for flowers to feel better. My mouth was completely numb after a double filling at the dentist’s office and I could barely talk to shopkeepers, who came running to help the lady with the slack drooling face.

First, I popped in to the neighborhood plant store…

Who knew there was such a plant as a Drumstick Primrose?

My Grandmother used to have English Daisies in her garden and I loved them. So sweet.

Then I sulked my way over to the local florist and I ogled some flowers before deciding on a bouquet of anemones and tulips.

When I was downloading my photos I realized I had some with the gorgeous flowers that I saw at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle last week. Hmmm…I thought to myself…they’ll make me feel better.

Nope…still feeling sorry for myself. I’m going to go pout in a corner!!!!!

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