shades of aqua Easter…

Easter makes me feel like redecorating! Let’s face it…every season makes me feel like redecorating.

This year, I’m really digging the color aqua (I was born in ’64…so it’s authentic when I say “dig it”), so Easter 2010 is “Seaside Chic” at the Findlay estate (bah ha ha ha). This epiphany came to me when I flipped open my crisp, new copy of Canadian House & Home magazine, which I relish with a piping hot cup o’ coffee and my two cuddly dogs.

C & C design editor, Stephanie White, came up with these gorgeous painted jars, and I fell instantly in love. They’re so sweet. She recommends using a florists water tube on the end of flower stems if you want to use them as vases. I’m thinking they’d look pretty sharp with tea lights flickering in them too (not sure if acrylic paint is flammable though).

photo courtesy Canadian House & Home magazine

Here are the paint colours she recommends, from left to right: Seascape Green (156-4) | Delicate Petal (407-2) | Frosty Glade (456-4) | Idyllic Isle (254-4) | Cathedral Glass (455-5) | Seascape Green (156-4) all Pittsburgh Paints.

I wonder if I could build a new dining room, wallpaper it in fabulous paper, and reupholster my dining room chairs by Easter…hmmm. In case I haven’t said it before (about a zillion times), Sarah Richardson is Canadian royalty!!!!! She should have been included in the opening ceremonies for the Olympics!

courtesy of Sarah Richardson's Design Inc.

When I was in Seattle last week, I stopped in at Sur La Table (drooool) by Pike’s Place Market and spotted this lovely piece of epicurean delight–Le Crueset’s Carribean-color French oven. I think it would be perfect for a little Easter weekend lamb stew!!!

This is my celadon-colored Sophie Conran tableware, which I absolutely adore. I’ll probably mix it up a little with some of my aqua & chocolate brown damask placemats–ooh la la. I admit it, I’m a shameless saleswoman! I’m a walking, talking Nicole Jane Home endorsement advertisement! I must be stopped!

photo by Reinier De Smit for Nicole Jane Home

Nicole Jane Home

OPI‘s Breath of Life is such a gorgeous color. Perfect for an Easter pedicure and then open-toed sandals for the rest of the season!

photo courtesy O.P.I

laundry room lust…

I admit it, I’m a laundry room loser! It’s the one room where I figure I can just let it all hang out, and oh, does it hang out. It’s an undulating sea of clothes, ski equipment, wrapping paper and unmatched socks (I can hear my neat-freak sister shouting out “amen”, ’cause she snuck in to the forbidden room a few months ago and nearly fainted).

At least I know the error of my ways. I recognize my weakness, and I own it. In therapy circles, they’d laud me for my courage and self-awareness…for about a week…and then they’d tell me to get over myself and just do something about it (I believe that’s a direct quote from my mother).

I covet my friends’ beautiful laundry rooms, and dream about walking in to my own sparkly laundry room some day.

This dreamy laundry room is just waiting for me to float in wearing chiffon and to drape myself over the table.

photo via Houzz

I’m planning my next Oscar’s party in this shiny righteous laundry room!

Oooh. Stainless steel, quilted backsplash, blue appliances…be mine!

photo courtesy of Sarah Richardson's Design Inc.

From Marriage to Motherhood describes this room as a “laundry retreat”, which made me laugh out loud. She’s right! I’d be sitting in that little striped chair calling room service for an in-room massage and glass of chardonnay (to which Mark would probably reply with a cynical “bah ha ha ha”).

photo via From Marriage to Motherhood

My dream laundry room is going to be state-of-the-art. I won’t settle for any more stupid “listening for the buzzer” to alert me when the laundry is finished ’cause according to MSNBC, Microsoft is working on a prototype that links the laundry room with wireless technology. Now I can sit in front of my computer or TV and be alerted to the fact that the wash needs to go in to the dryer. Hallelujia.

My dream laundry room will also have a trouser steamer. Trend Hunter magazine calls this the “Trouser Ironing Robot” and advises, “Stay lazy and look good”–now that’s advice I can embrace!

photo via Trend Hunter Magazine

I’ll also have a U-Button iron, a button-evading iron (why didn’t I think of this). Trend Hunter magazine calls this the “Neat freak’s BFF”. LOL.

photo via Trend Hunter Magazine

Forget everything else…I’m gettin’ me one of these baby’s! (imagine a light shining down heaven and a choir of angels singing) The WashDryLaundry machine!!!!!!

photo via InventorSpot

This little piece of manna from heaven washes and dries your clothes while they hang in the machine. They hang, therefore, they’re not wrinkled. It can handle 16 pieces of clothing at a time, and according to InventorSpot, the inventor, Oliver Blackwell, claims that his device will save 10 days of ironing a year. Did I mention…Hallelujia???

window dressing eye candy…

I have been living in the same home for ten years and I think I’ve got a problem. I don’t have any drapes–shriek!!! Don’t panic, I’ve got blinds and the whole world is spared from seeing me when I get up in the morning–shriek!!!! It’s just that I have a bad case of can’t-make-up-my-mind-itis. I’m stuck on which way to go; therefore, I go nowhere.

My Victorian-style house has a large turret, which means I have a large bay window in the living room and another in our master bedroom right above. You might think a turret is “precious”, but it’s a design curse!! The thought of having to finance six drapery panels instead of two has frozen me in fear of making a huge style mistake that costs an arm and a leg. Do I go neutral? Do I go patterned? Then I think about the couches and the whole idea gets tossed out the window (I can whip up a pun even in the midst of intense drapery dilemma).

In my self-taught opinion, window dressing is like mascara. You can trowel on all the make-up you like, but if you forget the mascara…march right back in that bathroom missy! Drapes finish a room–they’re that magical something that just makes a room sing. Imagine any of these rooms without them. They just wouldn’t have the same oomph, would they?

courtesy HGTV


design & photo by Kishani Perera interior designs

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have a seat…

I’m obsessed about chairs right now. Could it be that I’m SICK TO DEATH of my living room furniture? Absolutely. At least once a day, I sit in my living room and imagine white couches, lush carpets and floor-to-ceiling French silk drapes. Then reality slaps me back-and-forth across my face as two muddy-pawed pooches escape from the kitchen and make a run for their favorite perch draped over my living room chairs, like a couple of kids looking for the ice cream truck…sigh.

Oh well…here are a few of my daydreams…

photo courtesy of Jon Jensen Photography

photo courtesy of Sarah Richardson Designs

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of Design Inc.

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