aboriginal christmas treasure…


We have the awesomest (yeah, yeah, I can hear my english 12 teacher gasping) investment advisor, EVER!!! Each Christmas, Gord Mason from Hollis Wealth, sends us a beautiful hand-painted glass Christmas ornament featuring BC aboriginal artwork. Apparently, each ornament is painted on the inside (holy moly) with special curved brushes. I just can’t imagine how long it would take to make them! Crazy. Thanks, Gord…you’re the bestest!

Photo 364…


Forest Fire


Day two of Photo 365. I’m kinda kicking myself for labeling my first photo of the year as #365, ’cause now I have to do a backward countdown. It’s sorta like going down a slide or a ski hill backwards! Sorry my friends but we’re stuck with it.

It’s an amazingly beautiful December 30th here in Ocean Park, and we just took a walk with the dogs. I slung my new Nikon around my neck and delighted in its light weight. I used to struggle with my Pentax ’cause it’s much heavier and I’ve got a sensitive neck.

I don’t know about you, but I think winter in the northwest is a completely dreary time of year for outdoor photography. There are only so many wet cedar branches and holly bushes worthy of digital memory space–let’s get real…there aren’t ANY that are worthy.

Understandably, we northwesterners turn to our walking companions for subject matter, but when they (AKA your unwilling teenage daughter) threaten to block any photographs posted and report you to the Facebook mafia, you end up right back where you started, taking indoors shots of home decor.

polar surprise…

Congratulations to our winner! You should have an email in your inbox 🙂

Time for another GIVEAWAY!!!! It’s the adorable trio of sisal polar bear ornaments by ROOST. I spotted them at the NYC gift show in August and fell madly in love with their sweet little faces!!! I really like that they’re lightweight, so they won’t snap a branch off on the tree (they’re made out of styrofoam and sisal with a jute string).

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news flash…

Yesterday was a very good day for Nicole Jane Home. A few fabulous bloggers mentioned my vintage skate ornaments post, and it gave a big boost to traffic on our site. So here’s a great big Thank You to my blogger friends: The Daily Basics, Jenny On The Spot and At Home With Kim Vallee. Gotta love blogging & twittering!!!

The Daily Basics

gone christmas crazy, back in january…

Is it wrong that I’m so excited about Christmas? I mean, really, it’s only November 10 and I’m already playing Christmas music (I have to sneak it, like candy, in my office when nobody else is around). I LOVE going for drives in the evening with the family and seeing who can spot the early-birds, bless their souls, the folks who already have lights up and wreaths on their doors (saw one last weekend)!

While people are groaning about Christmas shopping, I’m happily clicking my way around the internet hunting for the perfect gifts. No more fighting with little old ladies for parking spots. All I have to worry about is one of my kids stealing my computer recharger cord (and the portable phone, which really drives me crazy)!

Out of respect to my friends south of the border, who haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet, I won’t wish you an early Merry Christmas! Nor will I wish you a Happy Hanukkah yet.  And you won’t hear me saying, Felice Navidad either. But hold on to your wigs the minute the clock turns 12:01 a.m. on November 26…’cause I’m going to cut loose with some major glad tidings!!!!!

So here’s a little of my inspiration for you to enjoy. I think it’s my favorite photo from our photo shoot with Janis Nicolay.

photograph by Janis Nicolay for Nicole Jane Home

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