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Drama Orchid

Project Photos: #44

today my computer decided to pack it in! Super frustrating ’cause it’s not even a year old. Considering my complete and utter addiction to computer time, this is proving to be challenging. I have been forced to actually open the door to my 16-year-old son’s bedroom and tip-toe inside, whilst holding my nose and trying not to step on questionable things that might contaminate my feet. I’m almost certain there are biohazards in that room.

Once inside the vortex, I found his laptop and whisked it downstairs to my spot on the couch, only to discover that the “t” key doesn’t work. Every freaking time you see a “t” in this post, I have cut & pasted it in place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the coffee pot better no break down, or I might just have to be admitted to a psychiartric hospital.

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  1. Beautiful shot and brave you for entering your sons room. Being the type A personality that I can be I find it really hard to go into my boys rooms and not get all worked up – but you made it, minus a t 😉 hear’s to coffee!

  2. Yes indeed Jennifer, I, as a fellow Computer addict, cannot think of a BIGGER source of frustration than a Computer which doesn’t even seem to WANT to work, (OMG, They can be SO stubborn).

    Going on how you describe your Sons’ Bedroom, Yes, There probably ARE Bio – hazards inside.

    As for your passion for ‘Caffeine Nectar’, I’m with you there too.

    • “Caffeine Nectar”…love it!!!! So I took the computer to the Apple experts, she opened the computer and of course, it turned on instantly!!!!!!!!!!! Then she looks at me like “Ummm…lady…are you sure you opened the lid?”

  3. With all that chaos/drama going on, you still managed to pull off a stunning photo! Love this! Very funny contrast of this elegant image mixed with a tale of tip-toeing through a teenage boys room! Lol!

  4. Wow, you are a brave soul. I don’t even like to walk past my son’s room:( I cannot believe you actually cut and pasted all the “t”s. My “f” fell off but it still works. I feel really sorry for myself though because I have to press REALLY hard on the “f”. Life is hard huh for us. xo

  5. You’re handling it better than I would. If my computer broke down, I’d be a mess. (Which is why I still have my old computer. Just in case…)

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