grazie molto…

If you speak Italian, you’ll know I’m very grateful. It was a good week for Nicole Jane Home, and we were lucky enough to be posted on two blogs. Yippeeee!!! The first blog, Think Shabby, is beautiful, but I can’t understand a word ’cause it’s in Italian. Well worth a look, though–the photos are gorgeous and it’s all about Shabby Chic, which I love!

The second blog,, is authored by Janet Reynolds in New York. She blogs about “filling your home with the right things”–amen! Janet graciously covered our 60% cushion sale. What the heck…here’s a big Grazie Molto, Janet!


My lucky family is going to be devouring some homemade doughnuts this weekend! I was just snooping around one of my FAVORITE blogs, The Pioneer Woman, and I came across a lesson on making doughnuts. Ree, the pioneer woman herself, photographed each step in the process, and makes it look so easy. So I’m going to make a big batch this weekend and see just how easy it is.

photo courtesy The Pioneer Woman

I’m always thinking of ways to keep my kids coming through the back door with all their friends, and I think this might just do the trick. Hey…I’m not above using trickery. As any clever mother will tell you, it’s a war out there, and we have to use all our powers to stay one step ahead of our little punks…er…adorable children.

I’ll let you know how they work out!

nail polish passion…

I’m so excited about the nail polish I just found in a salon. This is the only photo I could find, and it doesn’t do it justice. I LOVE it on my toe nails, but I would never wear it on my finger nails. I’m like a crow distracted by anything shiny!!!

It looks like each nail is wearing gorgeous little lame (pronounced lam-ay, not lame) dress! It would look fabulous on a beautiful bride’s toes nails. It’s called Dollhouse by China Glaze, and I’m not sure if it’s from this season or not.

Now I want to find a pair of sandals or flip flops to match my smashing polish!

UPDATE (MAY 17, 2010): My toenails were painted light pink and I applied the sparkles five days ago. They still look just as good as the first day!!!

green-eyed beauty…

Who says it’s hard being green? Not me! Next to pink, I think my favorite color is green–particularly Kelly Green and Chartreuse. It’s just lucky for me that green is hot right now (not that’s I’d really care if it wasn’t). Here are some examples of wonderful uses of my second favorite color. Brandon Barre is a talented photograper, and I love, love, love his work. He gets to work with some of my design crushes (including my BFF Candace Olsen. Candace, call me. Let’s do lunch). This is one of his exquisite shots. I love the acid greens with black–drama, baby, drama!

photo by Brandon Barre

Oh, okay…I’ll show you another one of his amazing photos! Isn’t this divine? The dark flooring is the perfect contrast against the seafoam walls.

photo courtesy Brandon Barre Photography

This is such a gorgeous wallpaper. When it comes to decorating, one of the most important principles is to choose your upholstery fabrics first and choose your wall color last. I always believe in exceptions, and, in this case, I would choose the wallpaper and then work in the rest of the decor around it. Don’t ya just love that sweet bamboo-esque chair? Bamboo is hot, hot, hot right now. (I have the feeling that somebody’s going to email and say “That isn’t bamboo, you twit!”)

photo courtesy York Wallcoverings

Tobi Fairley is very talented designer. She puts a fresh twist on traditional design, and I’m always giddy when I see her rooms in magazines and websites. Green and silver is a fantastic combination, but leave it to Ms. Fairley to come up with the brilliant idea of using both metals as accents with kelly green!

photo courtesy Tobi Fairley

And what would a blog be without a little jhooshing from Designers Guild? Nottin’ I tells ya! Ahhhhh…green and pink…sigh! Wouldn’t a beautiful little silver aluminum table or a mirrored table look goooooorgeous between these little glamour girls?

photo courtesy Designers Guild

Okay…so we’ve now established that I love green, but let me qualify my appreciation a little. I can hate green too (hey, Gemini, can’t help it). I just want to be clear that I can HATE every single color on the spectrum if it’s used poorly. This is an example of the type of design that draws strong negative reactions from me (I apologize to everyone who loves it). If this is your cup of tea, that’s great go for it, but I just won’t be able to visit đŸ™‚

photo courtesy House Beautiful via Lipstick on Your Teeth

Now that we got that out of the way, back to something divine. This lovely room from Country Living magazine.

photo courtesy Country Living Magazine

Now get out there and get some green!!!

shine never gets old…

Dear Silver,

Don’t go changing, to try and please me. You never let me down before. Don’t imagine you’re too familiar, and I don’t see you any more!

Forever yours,


Some things just never go out of style, and silver is on top of the list! I always follow trends with interest, but I don’t always go along when things are declared “over”. Although the design pundits declare it “in” and “out” regularly, it really never goes out of style. I figure, if you love it, then it’s in style…at least at your home it is!

(Nobody panic! Silver has not been deemed “out”. I’m just sayin’, if that were to happen, I’d have to deem “them” stupid.)

photo courtesy Coburn Architecture

photo courtesy Laura Hardin via Houzz

photo by Designs by Shoshana via Houzz

photo courtesy Country Living

photo by Amoroso Design via Houzz

photo by Celia James via Houzz

photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

Call me crazy, but I doubt everyone is going to freak out and change all their fixtures to bronze, just because someone decides chrome is so “last season”. In my opinion (and really that’s all that matters, right?), I think silver is a versatile neutral that packs a style punch!

blog love…

Here’s a hands-up whoot whoot (I can hear my kids groaning) to everyone who follows my blog! I love sharing my thoughts with you, and you’re mighty special to put up with me! To show my appreciation, I’m giving you a 15% discount on Nicole Jane Home. Just enter the coupon code: BLOG15 at checkout. The discount will show up on regular priced items, some items won’t be discounted (Sophie Conran, Crazy Daisy, Reisenthel).

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