I am a huge fan of Canadian design icon, Sarah Richardson. There is just something so grown-up about her designs. Typically, her rooms showcase amazing fabrics and wallpapers. Here are a few of her fetching designs.

photo by Janis Nicolay

Pantone colour 2010…

Drum rolll please…Pantone has deemed Turquoise THE colour for 2010. Although Pantone’s official 2010 color is 15-5519 Turquoise, you will see all kinds of variations of the color in fashion, home decor, product packaging, etc. Think watery blue green and you’re on your way!

image courtesy of Point Click Home

Wooden bird plaque Nicole Jane Home

Turquoise wooden bowl Nicole Jane Home

Elle insulated lunch bag Nicole Jane Home

bath linens Nicole Jane Home

honeycomb chic…

According to some of the top design gurus, honeycomb patterns are one of the top trends for 2010. You’ll start to see it in everything from shoes to soap. If you’re a decor fashionista, you can easily incorporate honeycomb to your decor simply by adding a few toss cushions or some vases, et voila. Here are just a few examples.

honeycomb vase

pendant light shade

hand soap

glass tile by Oceanside Glasstile


Wow. This is a photo of Allie’s new bedroom on vancityallie. She posted a wonderful “before & after” article about her bedroom renovation. Check it out, she has lots of local sources. Don’t you think the mirrored frame and box are perfect on that gorgeous bedside table? I might be a little biased, ’cause she ordered them from Nicole Jane Home.

photo courtesy of vancityallie

the office…

My office is a downer! There I said it! I have stacks of catalogues, correspondence, accounting papers, product samples and coffee cups scattered all over the place (and I mean all over the place, which absolutely drives my assistant into conniption fits…I can recall a few expletives flung in my direction).

The clean-up part is obvious…the design is more evasive. Should it be modern or classic, sparse or cozy, dark or light, etc.? I’m starting to collect ideas and it may take a while, but I will come up with a scheme. All input is welcome…and greatly appreciated.

photo courtesy of House to Home

photo courtesy of House to Home

photo courtesy of House to Home

spring will come…but until then…

Even though January is pretty bland in my neck of the woods, it does give me a chance to focus on cleaning out my closets and getting rid of a lot of accumulated junk. But best of all, this dreary month makes me dream of warmer weather, longer days and eating supper outside!

I think this amazing photograph by Michael Graydon will serve as a sort of Spring talisman for me. Although I’m not brave enough for this palette in my own home, I’m envious of people who have the courage to use it. It’s ethereal and very appealing. If it were my house though, I couldn’t resist adding colourful artwork and splashy table linens! It inspires me to get out the pruning shears and clip some cherry branches for an arrangement.

truly turquoise…

I think I’m developing a turquoise obsession, and I’m not alone! Erin, at House of Turquoise , thinks enough of the colour to start her own blog about it (Mom…if you’re reading this, I swear, I really do own a business and work every day).

These are just a few of the gorgeous pictures featured on Erin’s blog.

I just love seeing unique colour combinations. If you said to me, “Jennifer, I think you should decorate your living room in pink, turquoise and brown,” in the words of the magnificent Sir Elton John, I’d say, “Step back honky cat!” But it totally works! That’s why, if you’re like me, it’s important to consult a trained professional decorator, who knows how to put things all together.

photo courtesy of Tom McWilliam for Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

Isn’t that wallpaper fantastic? Even after spending what seemed like an eternity peeling old wallpaper off our entryway, I might consider papering again–shudder. I have a large blank wall at the end of a long, rectangular living room that’s been giving me grief since we moved into our house 9 years ago, and I think a dramatic wallpaper might just do the trick. What do you think?

photo courtesy of House to Home

This is just such a great example of combining patterns and colours effectively. It’s from Designer’s Guild, which is an absolutely dreamy British design house that, among other things, creates the most beautiful throw pillows I have ever seen (they’re beyond the price point I try to maintain for Nicole Jane Home, but you never know).

photo courtesy of Designers Guild

Sunday inspiration…

Today I spent some time reading “Apartment Therapy presents: real homes, real people, hundreds of real design solutions“. True to its title, the book offers a collection of wildly varied “real” apartment designs, including beds that might be described as slightly messy (love real people). Even if you don’t live in an apartment, the book provides some very creative decorating ideas.

There are some pretty “out there” ideas, including a wall covered in sticky notes (disastrous in a home with dogs and children), but it’s full of resource information (mostly U.S.) and great design tips. Each of the apartment dwellers answers a set of questions, including their biggest embarassment. It’s a relief to know everybody has an embarassing room. Mine is my laundry room–let’s just say we’re a family of accomplished mountain climbers.

If you prefer classic designs, this book may not appeal to you–the designs are rather eclectic. This is exactly the kind of book I would have loved when I was just starting out on my own. I really disliked a few of the apartments, but overall, I enjoyed seeing how creative some people are–who knew a piece of an airplane’s fuselage could look so good on a living room wall–seriously.

Italy…I'm coming…

In response to my whining below, Aunt Jacquie just emailed to suggest a spot in Italy that she loves…I can see why! I am not above begging to go with her and Uncle Bruce next time!!! Wait a minute…there must be some kind of buying show I can attend in Italy…now we’re talkin’!

San Domenico Palace Hotel in Taormina, Italy

San Domenico Palace Hotel in Taormina, Italy

San Domenico Palace Hotel in Taormina, Italy

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