Valentine's necklace giveaway…

We’re celebrating the season of love by giving away one of Nicole Jane Home’s gorgeous Lolo necklaces (Swarovski crystal & sterling silver). Just leave comments for me on any of the articles (including archives) until February 14 and I’ll draw a random name. The more comments you leave, the better your chances. Good or bad…I can take it…just say it!

photo by Reinier deSmit

57 responses

  1. The Valentine’s necklace is so, so glam it’s a classy piece as well I can see the necklace not wearing it with a chic dress that I own. I want to be the

  2. that necklace has my name on it!!! I can just picturing myself wearing it while I am galloping through the fields in Campbell Valley Park with my locks flying in the wind!! :0)

  3. This absolutely beautiful aqua blue Swarovsky crystal is the colour of my birthstone ~~ I would wear this Lola necklace close to my heart and let it’s radiance shine brightly ~!

  4. I just wanted to thank you for your service. The black rose pillow I purchased from you over the holidays was a hit with all my guests!

  5. This is such a fantastic piece! (As stated by everyone!) The coloration is beautiful and the cut is near perfect! As to be expected from swarovski, it truely is a work of art. It would be a great addition to any collection.

  6. Love the necklace. So sparkly and pretty. I’m getting lots of complements and use from my Nicole jane apron and matching oven mitts, mugs and shopping basket. Fantastic website.

  7. I`m in! It`ll be my anniversary present — the one my husband most likely won`t be out shopping for! We`ll be celebrating 24 years from the day we first met on a beach in Hawaii. PS: what happened to the Valentine`s Police…I think you need to create a Nicole Jane Men`s Club just for that purpose! Whadda ya think, Mark…

    • Hey DeAnn…I just might have to resurrect the Valentine’s police and make a few calls to unsuspecting hubbies!!! I have to say that Mark is a Valentine’s Day dream. He comes home with gorgeous cards for all of us and thoughtful little gifts (after paying for all the cards, he can’t afford very big gifts). I know all the husbands out there are shaking their heads in that sort of you-betrayed-us-man kinda way. Can you believe it has been 24 years? Wow, you must really love that big ‘ol man.

  8. I made the December recipe Beef, Beer and Mushroom Stew with Cheesy Dumplings for my annual New Year’s Day dinner that I host for friends and family. Everyone loved it including the picky eaters. This is a fabulous necklace in my favorite color.

  9. OMG! I just love your store! I ordered two of your adorable deers!

    I’ll admit that I am looking forward to Spring and seeing the hottest colours everywhere (blue and coral).

    And may I say that your blog is fabulous! I love the way you post your thoughts, have you considered writing a book?

    I’m also on Twitter!

    Jenn aka charmedchickJG

    • Hi Jennifer (fabulous name)…Thank you so much. I’m so glad you love the blog and the website. I’m having a hoot writing for the blog–it’s such a great way for me to connect with people and to share my passions. As for a book…hmmmm…you never know.

  10. The color of this swarovsky crystal seems to be the color this year. The necklace would be a great gift for my boss who wears this color alot and her birthday is coming up. Turqoise and colors close to it are both powerful and calming depending on the shade. Love your website, stumbled upon it the other day when I was looking for April Cornell stuff…so glad you have it – will be back to purchase some. Thank you!

  11. If you pick me friend, promise you won’t throw me back. It just wouldn’t be fair. Nice bling, nice blog, nice booty. (Ooops…can the public see this?!)

  12. I like to think our taste is coincidental so I truly enjoy your blog because when you present something I haven’t done or thought about already it is always an idea that intrigues me. My taste runs to quiet luxury.You do it so well. That is why I must enter this giveaway for an absolutely elegant necklace. Thanks again for all you do.

  13. Hmmmm….. the necklace is the same colour as my birthstone and my anniversary is on Valentine’s Day. I think this belongs to me 🙂

    • Thanks, Kathleen. I’m really proud of the website, and I love the business–particularly connecting with my customers. As for the necklace, it’s even nicer in person!

  14. Just got a surprise tonight as I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea. I was munching on a grape, turned around and…Gah! It was a raccoon staring at me through the window. I nearly choked on the grape and my heart stopped for a split second once I saw him. It was huge! With black beady eyes that followed me wherever I went. He was helping himself to the birdseed that we left out earlier today. Wait a minute…shouldn’t he be hibernating? It’s the middle of winter for crying out loud!

    Oh! Just made a wish! “I wish for…everyone’s wish in the world to come true. To reach the stars, all you have to do is believe…”
    You can vote on my wish! Look for charmedigitalchick. Go to

    Ya know, speaking of wishes…I love the new heart pendants at Tiffany’s, especially the Dream a Little Dream. Wish I had a man to get me one…

    It’s times like this that I regret being single, Valentine’s day feels more like a curse…

    I recently visited a website that had a snowglobe (like the Magic 8 Ball) where you asked a question and it would give you an answer. Tried it out…I asked this question – “Will i meet the man of my dreams?” Answer – “Not a chance”. Stupid magical snowglobe…


    • Hi Jennifer…I love the 8-ball “stupid magical snowglobe”. Do you remember which website? I’d love to try it…”Will I squeeze my ample behind into that dress?”

  15. It’s a beautiful day today, lots of bright sunshine, fluffy birds sitting in the snow, dozens of squirrels running up and down the trees, a handsome couple of deer prancing across my lawn. I think the animals are looking forward to spring…

  16. Did you know…? That bluebirds were considered to be a token of good luck and happiness. Those beautiful trays featuring the blue bird remind me of that…

    BTW, love the new lunch bags! They are so cute!


    • Thanks, Jennifer. I always try to keep a strong bird motif theme going in my product mix. I’m starting to look for owls now too–sadly, not a lot out there right now.
      The lunch bags are really lovely in person (my photos don’t even do them justice).

  17. Hi Jennifer,

    As requested, here is the snowglobe link:

    I live in the country, a farming community between Cobourg and Peterborough. We are surrounded by a lot of wildlife around here.

    Some days it is lovely and full of surprises, other days it’s a pain to be snowed in or having to travel a long distance to get supplies.

    You must have so much fun shopping for new items for the upcoming season!

    Author of the new novel SWAY, now on sale at

    • Hi Jennifer…I’m so excited. I just asked the magical snowglobe whether or not I’d fit into the perfect dress and it said, “Absolutely”. So looks like I’ve got the go ahead on eating as many Krispy Kreme donuts as I want.

  18. No way!!! How come you got a great answer and I got a sucky one? Pouts… Oooh, lucky you to have Krispy Kremes, they don’t exist around here. I had one when I was near Toronto one year, it was heaven! We just have Tim Hortons, the coffee is not bad as long as it’s not burnt.

    Hmm, I don’t know, it depends on how mature your daughter is. My book, SWAY, is more teen oriented. There is no sex, but there is kissing in it. It’s based on my experiences in high school, dealing with bullies, discovering boys, learning the truth about friendship, and also revelations of what’s like to be hard of hearing. You essentially get to live my life, walk a thousand miles in my shoes. I suspect that she enjoy it, learn a lot from it and perhaps give her a taste of what high school is like. If she has read or watched Twilight, then she can certainly be comfortable with SWAY.

    However, I have had many adults love it just as equally as a teen would.

    • Hi Jennifer…your book sounds perfect for Jane. She loved Twilight (haven’t let her read the 3rd book yet, ’cause I hear it’s a little raunchy). I want to read SWAY too.

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